Our Shower Panels Are Perfect For Commercial Wet Rooms

Our Shower Panels Are Perfect For Commercial Wet Rooms

  • Adam Wilson

Wet rooms are an excellent choice for many businesses. They are an ideal setup if you want your bathrooms or showers to be easy to maintain, as well as more accessible for all users. Wet rooms require the whole space to be waterproof due to a lack of shower trays, cubicles, or screens. This can make cleaning easy, but installing the wet room can become expensive. The expense of having to tile the whole room can become unmanageable for some or may not make sense from a business perspective. Fortunately, there are alternatives to traditional tiling, such as shower panels.

Shower panels are a way to quickly and affordably finish your wet rooms without having to lay down individual tiles. There's no need for messy and slow grouting when you can simply fit wall panels where you want them. They provide a flush finish that's durable, easy to maintain, and looks fantastic too. You can design a sophisticated wet room that looks amazing but costs less to install.

Transform Your Wet Rooms in an Affordable Way

If you have one or more commercial wet rooms that are starting to look tired or you just want to update them, shower panels can help you to do it with ease. Whether you're renovating your entire business or you just want to refresh your wet rooms, it can be an expensive endeavour. However, shower panels offer you one effective option if you want to keep your costs down.

Shower panels made from PVC are inexpensive to buy compared to other options, such as tiles. They are also quick and easy to install, which saves you even more money, as well as time. Wet rooms naturally require a larger surface area to be finished in order to make them waterproof and to make them look stylish. When you choose to use shower panels, you can get the job done faster and cheaper while still enjoying incredible results.

Why Use Shower Panels for Wet Rooms?

The advantage of wet rooms is that they are one space that's open-plan. This makes them easier to clean because they can be sprayed down or mopped without too much hassle. Wet rooms are also a great option if you want to create accessible bathrooms or shower rooms. With no shower trays or cubicles, it's easier to set up a room that's suitable for wheelchair users and other disabled people. Wet rooms can save space too, plus they can look very stylish.

Typically, a wet room requires at least a tiled floor and usually tiled walls too. The whole room needs to be set up so that it can get wet, with a shower drain installed directly in the floor and a shower with no screen or curtain. Shower panels are a cheaper way to do this that will provide quality results that look just as good as tiles.

You can choose from a wide range of designs when you install our shower panels in your wet rooms. Give your commercial wet room the look of marble, ceramic tiles, wood, or other materials with the selection of designs that we have available. You can get the same sleek look but at a much lower price than the real thing. You get a flush finish when installing shower panels too, so it will look professional once installed.

Our PVC shower panels are completely waterproof, which makes them perfect for wet rooms. You can seal the whole room for a lower cost, without having to tile everything. They're also easy to clean with no grouting, making them a great choice if you need to clean your wet rooms quickly and efficiently. Additionally, they are Class 1 fire retardant, which helps you to comply with health and safety regulations.

Shower panels can give your commercial wet rooms the appearance of mosaic tiling, wood panelling, exposed brick, natural stones such as marble, concrete, and even sparkling finishes. No matter what style you want your wet rooms to have, you can find shower panels in our collection that match the aesthetic of your brand. The heavy-duty panels have a tongue and groove design that almost anyone is capable of installing. Simply choose your panels and you can install them with a range of standard tools.

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Take a look at our shower panels to see the stunning designs that we have on offer. Wall panels are perfect for use in commercial wet rooms, as well as in other areas throughout your business for more general use.


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