Choosing the right panels for bathroom walls

Choosing the right panels for bathroom walls

  • Adam Wilson

It’s not every day that you decide to remodel your bathroom. In fact, most people will only have this experience once or twice in their lives. While this means that you’ll probably find the process exciting and will have the chance to learn a lot along the way, it also creates some challenges that can be tricky to overcome.

You’re going to have a lot of big choices to make but won’t have a reference point to help you along the way. The panels you choose for your bathroom’s walls will be a significant element of this, but we’re here to help you to pick the right ones for you. Let’s take a deeper dive into the features and benefits you should be looking for when you’re buying panels for bathroom walls.

The Material

Ceramic tiles are heavy, expensive, and hard to install, making them unsuitable for many bathroom remodelling projects. PVC bathroom panels solve the problems that come with their ceramic counterparts while retaining the benefits that you’d usually get with them, providing an excellent alternative to traditional tiles. Our PVC bathroom panels are waterproof and Class 1 Fire Retardant.

The Size & Style

Once you have an idea of the material you’d like to use for your bathroom tiles, it will be time to start thinking about the size and style you’re going to choose. Larger bathroom wall panels have become extremely popular over the last few years, and the images you can find on sites like Instagram reflect this.

Thanks to the natural versatility of PVC, you’re not limited to a small range of styles when you choose this material for your bathroom wall panels. PVC can be made to look like wood, stone, and a host of other unique and interesting materials. This makes it much easier to match your wall panels with the bathroom decor you’ve already chosen.

Here at Floors to Walls, we have more than twenty different styles to choose from in our Shower Panels collection. Each comes with a unique texture and finish, and we’re more than happy to provide free samples so that you can be sure that you’re making the right choice.

The Installation Process

Ceramic tiles are renowned for the difficulty that can come with installing them. It can take days to get tiles fitted properly, and many people find themselves making costly mistakes along the way. Cutting ceramic tiles to size involves scoring their surface and snapping them, often resulting in uneven cuts or broken tiles when you don’t have the right experience.

PVC bathroom wall panels don’t come with challenges like this; you simply pick the right adhesive for your walls and mount the panels with it. If you want to cut PVC panels like this, you can use simple hand tools to get the job done, all without risking making mistakes that will ruin your panels in the process.

Here at Floors to Walls, we offer everything you need to get started with your bathroom wall panel installation. With adhesive options for both porous and non-porous surfaces, end and internal trims, and a huge range of panels to choose from available, it should be nice and easy to get started with your installation. Our friendly team will always be happy to help if you run into any problems when you’re installing your wall panels.

Additional Features

Making the right choice when you’re choosing something like a bathroom wall panel is never easy. You have a lot of options available to you, and there are loads of resources pushing and pulling you in different directions. Exploring the features that you will enjoy with each option can be a good way to form a distinction between them. You can find a breakdown of the unique features that will typically come with PVC shower panels below.

Waterproof: PVC is completely waterproof, protecting the inner layers of your walls from water that could damage them.

Light: PVC wall panels are lighter than their ceramic counterparts, making them much easier to install and remove.

Easy Installation: Installing PVC bathroom wall panels is incredibly easy, with adhesives and trims creating a beautiful bathroom in no time.

Style Variety: PVC can be made to look like just about any material, often including their physical textures, too.

Floors to Walls can provide everything you need to add shower panels to your bathroom, including help and advice to make the whole thing move smoothly. You can order directly from our website, but our friendly team is always happy to discuss your options if you’re unsure about anything; just give us a call at 0191 389 6636 and we’ll be happy to help.


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