Ideas for a beautiful bathroom

Ideas for a beautiful bathroom

  • Ellie Stirk

Sometimes all it takes is a minor adjustment to give a space a unique feel. Wherever you decide to position a single wooden wall panel, it instantly adds depth and interest. It is the same to do so in a lavatory. Without the stress of wallpaper and paint, it is the simplest approach to decorate and will immediately improve the ambiance. The greatest impact comes from small adjustments. Put waterproof wall panelling behind a circular mirror to elevate the bathroom vanity area and create a stunning yet modern statement piece. An effective method to add texture is by contrasting the mirror's round corners and straight lines.

Spare Panel pieces

Want to freshen up your shelving with waterproof individual slats or have some leftover panelling? Use ornamental panelling on the wall next to your bookcases to add some flair. This not only transforms a blank wall into something distinctive, but it also makes your soaps and bathroom accessories a focal point. Using shampoo bars, amber glass bottles, and natural loofahs will finish the sleek and modern aesthetic.

Feature wall

In the same way that you might in other rooms, there is no reason you cannot design your very own feature wall in your bathroom. In fact, using such a design in a bathroom is the ideal way to create a hotel-like and spa-like space that can be readily incorporated into your design. With the extra luxury provided by a bathroom feature wall, you can make taking a bath even more relaxing and tranquil. In order to create the best home spa experience, darker colours that contrast with white rooms provide drama and create a cosier atmosphere.

Gloss White and Matt White

In homes all across the world, white bathroom suites are starting to become standard. They match any decor, are simple to maintain, and keep your bathroom looking clean and new. White is a great colour to use to instantly brighten a space, especially since some bathrooms lack windows for natural light. However, more than simply your sink, bath, and toilet can add brightness to white. For the ideal blending with a darker wood panelled wall, use a variety of textures and alternate white hues through tiling, flooring, or even paint. For an immediate contrast and that traditional wood impression, take a look at our waterproof panels in black and walnut, for instance.

Finishing touches

Finish the design by giving your bath and sink softer borders to soften the straight lines. Use statement taps in gold to highlight the warm colours in the toilet, or use black taps for a sleek and fashionable contrast. For a little extra drama, adding little black accents to the toilet is also a great idea. Consider displaying unusual wall art or succulents on small matte black shelves or reed diffusers with black frosted glass.

By concentrating on stimulating your senses, you may transform your bathroom into your own own retreat. Including large plants that benefit from dampness improves health by increasing oxygen levels, adding visual interest, and emitting calming scents. Excellent choices include spider plants, philodendrons, agave plants, and eucalyptus. You can even collect some plants to make your own custom bath salts and spa treatments. The best example of this is lavender, which has been shown to help with weariness and anxiety while also enhancing skincare.


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