PVC Wall Panels Can Be Used In Every Room

PVC Wall Panels Can Be Used In Every Room

  • Adam Wilson

One interior decorating trend that’s starting to see a lot more attention lately is the use of wall and ceiling panels. Typically, it’s thought that these are best suited to the wetrooms like the bathroom and the kitchen due to their waterproof and easy-to-clean nature. However, a lot of homeowners are seeing much more potential in wall panels than they might’ve seen in the past.

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon at all to find interior cladding and wall planning in any room of a more contemporary home. They can make a strong statement, help complete a look thanks to their unique texture and dimension, and have plenty of practical advantages too, thanks to their hardwearing nature. Here, we’re going to look at how you don’t have to keep your wall panels solely relegated to the bathroom.

Let’s look at some of the ways to make good use of the versatile and practical wall panels found at Floors to Walls.

Bringing the Subway into your home

It’s bright, clean, clear and it seems like influencers and interior decorators have gone absolutely wild for the Subway tile wall panel style. As the name suggests, this style has been brought right out of the subway and they have been very popular in interior decorating ever since. The modern minimalist will certainly approve of the clean, pure, white wall that still manages to not look too plain or bare, and acts as a great focal point for a feature wall.

There is a wide range of Subway tile wall panels sheets available, and they can look good in any space, whether they’re used to brighten up a confined, darker corner of the room, to bounce natural light around a bathroom, or to act as a feature wall in the hallway or living room. They mix the contemporary and the classic well and look very realistic thanks to cutting-edge digital printing.

The red brick style Wall Panels

If you’re in love with that rough-edged, industrial look, then a red brick effect wall panel can make a fantastic feature wall in any room of the house. A red brick wall elicits feelings of a converted warehouse, manufactory, or barn, which means it brings with it a certain historical aesthetic. As with all old-school styles, they eventually make a come-back and, right now, red-brick style cladding is very popular in contemporary as well as older homes.

Red bricks aren’t the only option available, of course. You can get them in grey just as easily. This more neutral colour might be better suited to work in more spaces and, compared to the focal point appeal of the red brick, grey bricks can be better suited to all four walls since they have a somewhat more subtle style to them.

Brick wall cladding, be it red or grey, looks and feels so authentic thanks to high-quality digital printing that makes each individual brick look and feel unique. That’s why some of the available red brick walls have bricks that look faded, aged, or darker than the rest, to create a real sense of history and depth that simply isn’t there in, for instance, a textured wallpaper. Most homes do not have a real brick interior wall that you can expose and, even if they do, it’s much easier and cost-effective to add cladding that recreates it instead.

The stone effect Wall Panels

Natural materials are very much all the rage nowadays. They add a touch of warmth and charm to the minimalist style that is becoming very popular in contemporary rooms, and they are a perfect match for any homes that have a style inspired by nature. Just like the red brick wall, they work very well as a feature wall and a focal point, especially in a room with plenty of natural light to offer,

As with brick wall cladding, it’s state-of-the-art digital printing that’s responsible for the depth and texture of the 3D effect visible in stone effect wall panels. As such, these walls are well used in rooms that allow you to open up the wall and make it more accessible and easier to be appreciated. They’re often used to add a bit of rough-hewn character to a more contemporary or plain home.

The three wall panel styles mentioned above are only examples. At Floors to Walls, we have a huge range of brick, tile, and other cladding styles available. Check out the selection and add a lot more depth and texture to the walls of your home without having to rip off your existing walls.


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