Vox Vilo Wall Panels Can Transform Any Space
Do you feel like the style of your home just doesn’t match your ideal template? Or that the interior decor of a particular room is just a little bit off, and that a quick aesthetic change could really transform the entire space for the better?

With Vox Vilo Wall Panels you can dramatically transform your entire home from top to bottom, or else just give a particular room a bit more flair, with minimal stress and effort, and at an affordable price point as well.

We guarantee that will not be beaten on price for any of the Vox Wall Panels we currently stock. If you find a cheaper price, please call us for a price match on 0191 389 6636.

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Vox Motivo Modern Light Wood
£51.43 Regular price £55.00
Vox Motivo Classic Sandstone
£51.43 Regular price £55.00
Vox Vilo Patchwork
£51.43 Regular price £54.79
Vox Motivo Modern Dusky
£56.93 Regular price £59.00
Vox Reclaimed Wood (PACK OF 4)
£51.43 Regular price £55.00
Vox Vilo White Brick
£51.43 Regular price £54.79

Some Benefits of Vox Wall Panels

There are various striking benefits of using Vox Wall Panels in your home. Here are just a few of them.

Quick to install

Vox Wall Panels have been designed, first and foremost, to be quick and easy to install – without the need for a professional team of builders, or a seasoned DIY veteran in order to get the job done to a good standard.

Renovation and redesign jobs are often tedious, expensive, and lengthy processes that involve serious structural changes to a building. With Vox Wall Panels, however, one or two people can get the job done over the course of a weekend, easily and safely.

Glued to the wall

Vox Wall Panels are designed to be glued to the wall, and so don’t need any adjustments to the existing structure of your home, nor do you need to worry about drilling holes in the exact right places, clearing up dust particles, or otherwise using a set of intimidating and potentially dangerous power tools.

Simply cut your wall panels to the desired dimensions, prime the wall, and then glue your panels into place. A seamless and straightforward procedure.

Water resistant

Mould and damp can be real problems in any home – and the last thing you would want would be to fit new wall panels in your bathroom, for example, only to find that those panels were then affected by water damage.

Fortunately, Vox Wall Panels are water resistant, and will withstand the test of being placed near a sink, or fitted in a steamy bathroom.

Five year guarantee

With a five year guarantee, you can be sure that your Vox Wall Panels will serve you well for a prolonged period of time – and that if anything goes wrong, you’ll be able to get the issue resolved rather than being left on your own to figure things out.

A wide variety of different styles and colours

Vox Wall Panels come in a truly remarkable range of styles and colours, including wood, brick, and jungle patterns – all of which can help to rapidly and effectively transform any room in your home to match your preferred design aesthetic.

With this broad and dynamic selection of wall panels at your disposal, it’s never been easier to totally reimagine just what your home – or any particular room in your home – could be.

The style of your home can dramatically influence your sense of well-being

Vox Wall Panels are fantastic because they allow you to totally overhaul the feel and aesthetic of your home, with minimal effort, no specialist skill set, and in a very brief period of time.

But maybe you are not convinced that your home would really benefit from this kind of an overhaul?

Before answering that question for yourself, it’s worth keeping in mind that the style and layout of your home environment is always going to be one of the most significant factors at play when it comes to your overall sense of well-being, and your day-to-day emotional response to your surroundings.

Unless you are constantly on the move travelling around for work, it’s very likely that you spend a huge proportion of your free time at home. Therefore, if you find your home environment dull, melancholy, or otherwise unpleasant, you can be sure that this will end up taking a negative toll on your subconscious sense of peace, relaxation, and satisfaction.

When you transform the style of your home, however, so that it is brought into alignment with your sense of how things should be, and your general aesthetic preferences, there’s a good chance that the cumulative emotional toll that was previously been taken on you will instead be transformed into a general sense of pleasant satisfaction with your surroundings.

It’s not always possible to undertake a major home renovation job at the drop of a hat. But with products such as Vox Wall Panels, you can make a big change in a measured and reasonable way.


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