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PVC Ceiling Panels are quick and easy to install. Changing the look and feel of your home can be a very involved, expensive, and time-consuming process – and for that reason many people end up putting off their home redesign dreams indefinitely, or else drag them out for years at a stretch.

Fortunately, there are certain techniques and products you can use to really transform the feel of your home dramatically and quickly, and with a bare minimum of stress or work.

One excellent product we offer is PVC ceiling panels which are both quick and easy to install, and which are ideally suited to bathrooms and other environments where they may come into contact with water.

We guarantee that will not be beaten on price for any Ceiling Panel we currently stock. If you find a cheaper price, please call us for a price match on 0191 389 6636.

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Value Range - 5mm White Marble
£6.97 Regular price £8.99
Value Range - 5mm Matt White
£6.97 Regular price £8.50
Gloss White V-Grove - Floors To Walls
Gloss White V-Groove
£7.97 Regular price £8.99
Value Range - 5mm High Gloss White
£6.97 Regular price £10.99
White Ash
£7.97 Regular price £9.99
Grey Ash Matt Wood Effect 300mm - Floors To Walls
Grey Ash Matt Wood Effect
£10.99 Regular price £18.99
Matt White
£7.97 Regular price £9.99
High Gloss White With Silver Inset
£7.97 Regular price £8.99
White Twin Silver
£7.47 Regular price £8.99
Value Range - 5mm White Twin Silver
£6.97 Regular price £8.99
Value Range - 5mm White Ash - Floors To Walls
Value Range - 5mm White Ash
£6.97 Regular price £8.70
White Marble 8mm - Floors To Walls
White Marble 8mm
£7.97 Regular price £9.99

Here are just a few benefits of using PVC ceiling panels.

Water proof
Our PVC ceiling panels are 100% waterproof, meaning that they are ideal for use in bathrooms, kitchens, utility rooms, and any other room or section of the home where they are likely to come into contact with water vapour on a regular basis.

Being completely waterproof, you don’t have to worry about the cumulative effects of water damage – including discolouration – that can often affect other ceiling materials, and that can end up presenting an array of problems down the line.

Easy to install
PVC tiles and panels are known for being some of the easiest home fittings to install, for a variety of reasons – including the fact that they are very lightweight, can easily be cut to the right dimensions, are cheap and easy to replace, and can typically be glued or fitted into place with a minimal amount of technical knowledge or experience.

Other ceiling materials – such as ceramic tiles – are a different proposition, and often require very specialised handling if they are to be measured and cut to the right dimensions, never mind fitted safely and appropriately into place.

PVC ceiling panels are as lightweight as can be – which in and of itself conveys a range of different benefits.

For one thing, the lightweight nature of PVC ceiling panels means that they can be fitted, removed, and replaced easily and effectively without trouble.

For another thing, the lightweight nature of PVC ceiling tiles makes them very safe. If a PVC tile or panel were to come loose, there would be no real prospect of it causing damage to your home, much less hurting anyone who might happen to be below.

This, in turn, means that this is an excellent material to work with for anyone who is keen on doing a bit of DIY around the home, as the consequences for a mistake are likely to be minor, and can typically be amended fairly easily.

Easy and cheap to replace
Conventional tiles can become very pricey to replace, and typically also require a good deal of work and professional know-how, if they are going to be fitted properly.

If your ceiling tiles are not fitted properly, or are cracked or damaged during the fitting process – or if they are cut to the wrong dimensions, for that matter – you are likely to have an expensive and irritating problem on your hands.

Since PVC ceiling panels are very cheap and easy to replace, however, you don’t have two worry about experiencing the same levels of stress or anxiety during the fitting process, and you can be more creative, in the knowledge that a slight mishap is unlikely to cost you a lot.

Allow access to the ceiling grid
PVC ceiling panels are much easier to remove than many other materials, meaning that you can access the ceiling grid much more easily than you would otherwise be able to.

While this may not be a major consideration if you aren’t planning on having regular work done on your ceiling, it is nonetheless useful to be able to make modifications, and to access the structure of your home, with as little trouble as possible.

Mould resistant
Since PVC ceiling panels are waterproof and are not porous, they are very resistant to mould, and are therefore more hygienic and health-friendly than other ceiling materials might be.

Household mould is often overlooked, but it can be a major cause of chronic health issues, and can be difficult to properly deal with once it has accumulated.

Long-lasting and low-maintenance
PVC ceiling panels are very resistant to wear and tear, and withstand the test of time very well.

In all likelihood, once your PVC ceiling panels have been fitted, you will be able to more or less forget about them for many years to come, without having to do anything much in the way of maintenance at all.


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