Wall Panels

Wall panels have become the most cost effective solution to decoratively change the aesthetic of any living space. There is a wide range of spaces that wall panels can be used. The direction the panels are fixed to the walls should be decided based on the other furnishing and decorative features they will be complimenting.

We guarantee that will not be beaten on price for any Wall Panel we currently stock. If you find a cheaper price, please call us for a price match on 0191 389 6636.

The range of PVC Wall Panels available from Floors to Walls can uplift the mood, feel and look of any room in your home. All of the wall panels that we offer have gone through stringent quality control checks. We have one of the biggest selection of brands, designs, finishes, colours and sizes available online.

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Vox Motivo Piedre Anthracite
£46.97 Regular price £59.00
Value Range - 5mm High Gloss White
£6.70 Regular price £8.50
Vox Vilo Brown Slate
£41.97 Regular price £54.79
Decorwall Elegance Silver Abstract
£20.97 Regular price £19.97
Decorwall Elegance Diamond Black Mosaic
£17.29 Regular price £15.95
Dumalock Dark Concrete
£49.97 Regular price £48.99
Gloss White Chevron Tile - Pack of 4
£41.99 Regular price £52.47
Decorwall Elegance White Mosaic
£17.29 Regular price £15.95
Dumalock Monaco Grey
£49.97 Regular price £48.99
Decorwall Elegance Pearl Mosaic
£17.29 Regular price £15.95
Decorwall Elegance Beige Mosaic
£17.29 Regular price £15.95
Elegance Mineral Gypsum Bathroom Cladding - Floors To Walls
Elegance Mineral Gypsum Bathroom Cladding
£17.29 Regular price £15.95
Patchwork - 4 Pack
£44.49 Regular price £52.47
Dumalock Monaco Beige
£49.97 Regular price £48.99
Decorwall Elegance Light Abstract
£20.97 Regular price £19.97
Beige Marble   QMB02 - Floors To Walls
Beige Marble QMB02
£8.69 Regular price £8.50
Cutline Graphite Tile Effect
£13.49 Regular price £14.99
Decorwall Elegance Brown Abstract
£20.97 Regular price £19.97
Vox Vilo Desert Wave
£41.97 Regular price £54.79
Decorwall Elegance Ruby Red Mosaic
£17.29 Regular price £15.95
Vox Vilo Motivo Modern Nutmeg (PACK OF 4)
£41.97 Regular price £55.00

There is a large range of styles, colours, textures and finishes when it comes to wall panels. This makes it easy for you to find and match the most fitting type of panels to match the looks and feel of the room you are decorating. The home interior design fashion has moved on extremely fast over the last few yeas. With many natural looking finished such as wood and stone becoming very popular. To install stone, wood or any other natural material is very expensive, time consuming and sometimes risk a hygenic risk. Wall Panels offer the same look, feel and design without the big price tag and other complications that you may have with natural materials .

Over the last few years wall panels have seen an incredible growth in popularity. This has down to a number of reasons the include;

  • Wall Panels are a cost effective way to decorate a room.
  • The process of installing Wall Panels in very easy and faster than most other decorating methods.
  • Hygiene is a big factor in todays society, wall panels can be wiped clean and more hygienic solution to wall paper or painted walls.
  • There is an extensive range of different designs, colours and finishes available.
  • Almost anyone can install Wall Panels with limited DIY experience necessary.

If you have any questions about any of our products then please do not hesitate to get in touch. Floors to Walls has a friendly team of experts on hand to help you find the perfect design, style of wall panels.



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