Benefits of 3D wall panels?

Benefits of 3D wall panels?

  • Adam Wilson

Benefits of 3D wall panels?

Superior materials: When you hear the word ‘panels,’ the first thing that comes to mind is wood; yes, panels are crafted from wood, however, it’s not the only material that’s available. MDF offers flexibility regarding designs, textures, and patterns, and Melamine which allows for high impact prints and more innovative wall décor.

Fast Installation: Unlike other types of wall decoration materials, wall panels negate the need to worry about the exposed adhesive, grout lines, and other installation remnants. Most of them come with a clip and rail system or a tongue and groove system, making installation nearly as easy as placing two pieces of a puzzle together.

Low maintenance: All walls require some TLC from time to time. Whether that’s a wash, paint or even replaced. Not only is this time consuming it’s also costly as well. Luckily, wall panels resist impact, meaning you won’t have to do wall repairs or frequent touch-ups.

Wide-ranging designs: Choice is a beautiful thing, who doesn’t love choice? A key advantage of 3D wall panels is the volume of option in the market. There’s a huge range to choose from to match even the most niche & diverse needs. Some have patterns that reflect the grain of the natural wood while others use faux materials that look like marble, stone, limestone, granite and even bark. Depending on the vendor, you can even customize your panels printed with almost any design.

Other benefits: You can use the wall panels to conceal cables, wires and built-in wall components that can be an eyesore. When properly installed (with a professional), they can conceal almost anything. Although there are no magic solutions regarding home improvement, these panels provide a range of advantages that make them an incredible option for room décor.


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