Easing You Out Of Lockdown With A New Bathroom

Easing You Out Of Lockdown With A New Bathroom

  • Adam Wilson

Following the brutal COVID-19 waves in the UK, life under lockdown became a different story altogether. Quarantining and practising social distancing took a significant toll on people’s mental health while exerting pressure on limited amenities. Thankfully, now that restrictions are gradually being eased, there has never been a better time to refresh your bathroom with Floors to Walls’ affordable waterproof bathroom shower panels. Ease your lockdown stress and improve your quality of life at home by installing a waterproof shower to help redesign your bathroom.

Conventional ceramic tiles are overly expensive, especially when you want to lay them all over your shower. On the other hand, our collection of sizeable water-resistant PVC shower panels are cost-effective. These provide a perfect opportunity for you to upgrade your bathroom into a modern home facility. Explore a wide variety of stylish, hygienic, state-of-the-art shower panels and add extra value to your home post-lockdown.

Why You Should Renovate Your Bathroom With Shower Panels

When you are remodelling your bathroom, it helps to search for alternatives to traditional tiles as they are fast losing their relevance in the home improvement industry. Tiles are not only expensive, but their delicate nature also increases their maintenance costs.

The interior design landscape has gone through significant revolutions in recent years, so it’s necessary to upgrade your bathroom with user-friendly alternatives. Shower panels or shower panel walls, as they are also called, pave the way for UK homeowners to benefit from easy-to-fit waterproof panelling systems for their shower walls.

Whether you need to do a complete renovation or you want to add an ultramodern twist to your existing bathroom or shower enclosure, Floor to Walls has bespoke and stunning alternatives to tiles. Available in different shades of colours and finishes, our shower panels will perfectly suit your interior design requirements.

Are you a UK homeowner who is yet to experience the feel of water-resistant bathroom walls and panels? Here are a few great reasons why our wall panels are the best solutions to add a touch of modernity to your home moving forward.

Floor to Walls Shower Panels Are Grout-Free

Tile installation can be tricky, but our shower panels are user-friendly, so they allow for seamless installation. Minimise your stress by reducing turnaround times. Our products are 100% water-resistant, and they can be used on different types of surfaces ranging from tiles to concrete. Let shower panels transform your bathroom instantly, renewing the appearance of your shower with a modern finish.

Besides being easy-to-fit, Floor to Walls’ waterproof panels don’t come with high maintenance costs. Zero grout means you will not have to deal with mouldy stains. Save yourself from several hours of cleaning by using our stress-free bathroom wall panels. You can easily clean these with warm water and non-abrasive detergents. Choose from limitless decorative wall panel options, and personalise your bathroom for an exciting post-lockdown experience.

Complement The Décor Of Your Bathroom

Get classic wall panels of diverse textures to modernise your bathroom in grand style. Our shower panels are built to complement the interior beauty of your bathroom. Manufactured from waterproof materials with high-pressure decorative laminates glued to their faces, Floor to Walls’ panels put you in a better position to transform your property with long-lasting bathroom décor solutions.

Enjoy Luxury

Lockdown might have forced your household to use your bathroom more than usual. One way to refresh the state of your home is to invest in a new bathroom and use high-quality but affordable shower panels. As things slowly return to normal, perhaps, now is the best time to add luxury to your bathroom. This will allow you to impress your household and your visitors with premium-quality amenities. Your home life doesn’t have to get boring at all after coming out of this devastating lockdown.

4 Cool Ideas To Remodel Your Bathroom On A Budget

After your kitchen, your bathroom is probably the next most critical facility in your home that is often busy. During weekdays, it can be stressful for your entire family members to queue up before they can take their early morning shower. Eliminate this discomfort by easing out of lockdown with a new bathroom powered by Floor to Walls’ iconic shower panels.

Do you want to leave a lasting impression on your visitors and family? Consider applying these four great ideas to remodel your bathroom.

Get A New Towel Rail

Some homeowners choose to hang their towels on inappropriate platforms such as bathroom radiators. However, investing in a good quality towel rail will provide you with the extra heat output and vertical storage spaces for your bathrobes.

Replace Your Leaky Tiles

Once a while, it’s necessary to upgrade your bathroom because of maintenance requirements, other than aesthetic reasons. Tiles often need to be changed with time as they get old. Older tiles may lose their ability to resist water, and when this happens, you risk experiencing water damage. Eliminate this nightmare by installing our 100% waterproof shower panel systems. Replacing your old tiles with these innovative alternatives will save you a lot of money in water damage for the long term.

Renew Your Flooring

Since the average UK bathroom appears relatively small, you may want to renew your flooring without breaking the bank. Consider lifting your carpeted floor to make room for more hygienic vinyl flooring surfaces. Save yourself a few pounds by using affordable flooring alternatives that are warm underfoot.

Our friendly team at Floor to Walls right are always on hand if you need assistance with wall panels, floors panel, shower panels, composite decking or any of our other products.


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