Fitting Shower Wall Panels

Fitting Shower Wall Panels

  • Adam Wilson

Bathrooms are inevitably wet and damp spaces, so it’s not all too surprising that, over the years, people have developed an array of wall coverings to protect your walls in spaces that are repeatedly exposed to water and moisture. Popular options tend to include tiling and shower wall panels. Now, both are great options, but shower wall panels come hand in hand with a host of unique benefits for you and your bathroom. They are low cost, easy to install and stand the test of time. Plus, they’re available in an array of materials, designs and colours. But what does the process of buying and installing wall panels look like? Here’s a guide that should get you through this process in as simple and straightforward a manner as possible!

Choosing Your Panels

The first step towards beautifully installed shower wall panels in your bathroom is choosing which panels you’d actually like. Here at Floors to Walls, we have a large choice of different shower wall panels, varying from sparkling panels to marble,natural stone, mosaic and other effect designs. Only you can know which will meet your needs, preferences and bathroom’s overall design. Of course, if you’re struggling to choose, a member of our team will be more than happy to help you whittle down your options and find something within your budget that ticks your boxes. We also have a variety of shower wall panel kits, specially designed to be fitted in two sided and three sided showers.

Measuring Your Walls

You’ll need to know what size your panels need to be, so you can purchase the right sizes and the right amount of panels. Use a measuring tape and, if possible, get someone to help when measuring the spaces you want the panels to cover. This will help to get a more accurate measurement.

Fitting Your Panels

In terms of actually fitting the panels to the walls, you have two options. You can use professionals to fit them quickly and easily, or you can take a DIY approach. Using a professional will give you peace of mind that the job has been completed properly and to a high standard. It also takes the weight and responsibility of fitting the panels from your own shoulders. If you’re a dab hand at a bit of DIY and confident in your skills, though, you can save money by carrying the work out yourself. The following information should help you along the way!

  1. Condition your panels - your panels may need to be conditioned before being fitted. Lay them flat in the room they’re going to be fitted in for roughly 48 - 72 hours.
  1. Make sure you have the right equipment - when you purchase one of our shower panel kits, you will receive what you need to fit the panels. You will also need safety goggles, a caulking gun, a tape measure, a sharp blade and an electric or fine tooth saw.

  • Measure the area your panels will be fitted

  • Mark out your cutting lines - make sure the panel is on supports with the front facing up. Mark out your cutting lines on the panel.

  • Cut the panel - wearing your safety goggles, carefully use the electric saw to remove excess wall panel.

  • Sand the edges - use a sanding pad and run it across the newly cut edges of your shower panel.

  • Fit the panels together - use a corner trim piece to fit the panels together. Add a small bead of sealant to the wall and then place the corner trim piece into position.

  • Place tile spacers underneath the location of the wall panel

  • Apply sealant to the rear side of the wall

  • Lay 3 parallel strips of foam tape along the entire length of the panel - Next, apply the sealant. Make sure that it’s spread evenly

  • Fix the panel to the wall - lift the panel into position and slide it into the corner piece at an angle

  • Repeat with all of the remaining wall panels

  • Use Sealant to fit relevant panels to the floor

  • Whichever option you choose - professional installation or installing your panels yourself - you can rest assured that a stunning change to your bathroom is waiting in the pipeline. Hopefully, some of the information outlined above will help you along your journey to fitting new shower wall panels, helping to protect your walls and spruce up the look and feel of the space. If you have any questions about our shower wall panels, why not get in touch with a member of our team who will be more than happy to help? You can contact us on 0191 389 6636.


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