Help me design my future bathroom

Help me design my future bathroom

  • Ellie Stirk

Designing a bathroom can be quite a challenge since your bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your house, so that means it needs to be perfect! Whether you’re making small upgrades, going for a full overhaul, or just daydreaming from your desk, a bathroom renovation can make a big difference in the feel of your home. So it’s no wonder that along with the kitchen, this practical space often takes top priority when it comes time to remodel. It doesn't matter if you're a first time buyer or you're just looking to change up your bathroom, we have you covered!. So, let's look into different ways you can renovate your bathroom.

One of the most popular designs would have to be the marble tiles and wall. White marble is a fantastic material for a bathroom. This beautiful stone is naturally water-resistant and adds a luxurious, elegant feel to any space.

A fireside bathtub is another popular design that a lot of people use. It's a beautiful way to show off your bathroom while also keeping it stylish. A fireplace in the bathroom is the ultimate way to make your bath feel as luxurious and relaxing as possible.

Using travertine and stone wall panels will create a warm tone for your bathroom as well as making it stand out. Stone panels are a popular material for both interior and exterior applications. Derived from the earth, natural stone is favoured for its organic nature, tonal variations and imperfections. It's also a highly durable material and versatile with many stone types, formats and finishes available.

If you want to keep it simple you can always just paint your tiles. Painting tiles is a fast, effective, low-cost alternative to replacing old tiles. A specialist tile paint will give your kitchen and bathroom tiles a great finish for at least a couple of years, especially if you avoid areas exposed to water such as showers or behind kitchen sinks.

One element of bathroom design that is often neglected is artwork in bathrooms. In general photographs, prints, and other works that are professionally framed, with a sealed back, will fare well as bathroom wall hangings, unlikely to mildew or warp. Ceramic and glass plates or sculpture pieces, as you might imagine, also make durable bathroom art choices.

If you're trying to go all out you can look into creating a spa themed bathroom. The wellness trend has seen bathroom ideas as sanctuaries, for the ultimate in hedonistic relaxation. For a standout spa style, choose an opulent tub with a chandelier above to create a focal point, as well as looking to inspire bathroom vanity ideas – adding bathroom plants will also enhance the spa-like feel.

When good design principles are applied to contemporary bathrooms, they can also make the space easier to clean and look after. By careful selection of materials, flooring, wall finishes and countertops, you can pick those options that give you the level of maintenance you're happy to manage in this space. Bathroom designs are important and they should be thought about carefully as bathrooms are a main part of a house.


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