I want wall panels, Which panels should i get?

I want wall panels, Which panels should i get?

  • Ellie Stirk

Wall panelling ideas have come a long way and are no longer reserved for historic homes. Now, many of the best decorative mouldings are often more budget-friendly, sustainable, and easy to DIY.

So, what different panels are there? Well, you've got Sheets of solid, engineered wood and other wood-like products cut and made into large panels. These wooden panels can be made in different styles, from carvings and fenestrations to complex 3D designs. They are more resilient and will last a lifetime, just like traditional wooden furniture.

There's also MDF panelling. MDF is produced by compressing wood shavings at a very high temperature. This style of panelling lends stability at affordable prices. MDF panels are ideal for 3D designs and carving. Finally, you can also paint them in a colour of your choice since MDF doesn’t absorb the paint, unlike wood.

Fabric panelling is widely used in bedrooms and entertainment rooms because it is excellent for sound-proofing. Starting with a wooden base, they are padded with a foam layer and covered in fabric.

Aluminium, corten steel, and copper are popular types of metal wall panels. These panels are not only durable but also add a modern and sleek twist to your walls.

A classic utilitarian style, PVC panels, are used mainly for their water resistance and robust properties. It consists of small amounts of plasticizer and polyvinyl chloride.

There are hundreds of different types of panels which can be used in your house and these are only just a few. Now, you're probably wondering where should i use these and how should i use them, don't worry, we've got you covered!

You can look into going horizontal. If the area you are designing has space constraints, you can consider composing the wooden battens horizontally or like a wood wall panel shiplap. Just as a vertical panel gives an illusion of height, a horizontal panel can make the room look vast.

You can put panels over tiles. Panels are cheaper, more accessible, and quicker to install than wall tiles. Switching up a panel is a breeze when compared to replacing tiles. Homeowners will find that panels like wood planks on the wall are a thoughtful yet effective way to spruce up a living space while undertaking a home improvement project.

What rooms should they go in? Panels are ideal for larger walls, such as living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. A very popular use of panels is now found behind televisions. The television has been a home staple since the mid-20th Century. With tv’s getting bigger and slimmer as technology progresses. They are so much better to look at than the old chunky box they once were. Although not as chunky as the past. Our televisions, now larger, have become the feature of many modern day homes. Especially sitting in front of a panelled feature wall

Overall, wall panels are a great way to bring aesthetically pleasing designs to your house with very little hard work and very little money. Depending on your choice of style, there are panels that everyone can use.


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