Shower Panels Are the Cheaper, More Hygienic, and Stylish Approach for Hotels

Shower Panels Are the Cheaper, More Hygienic, and Stylish Approach for Hotels

  • Adam Wilson

Choose shower panels as an affordable and stylish option for your hotel or bed and breakfast. Floors to Walls brings you a range of designs that will look fantastic in your bathrooms.

Both style and hygiene are important factors in bathrooms for hotels and B&Bs. With tight turnarounds for cleaning, you need bathrooms to be as easy to keep clean as possible. At the same time, you want your bathrooms to look smart and give your rooms that wow factor that will leave guests feeling impressed.

In shower cubicles, the traditional choice for finishing the walls is ceramic tiles. However, these can be difficult to clean, especially when time is limited. They can also quickly become expensive, especially if you want to build or renovate all of your bathrooms at the same time. Shower panels offer a more affordable alternative that still looks stylish and is easy to maintain too.

What Are Shower Panels?

Our quality shower panels are made from durable PVC in a range of styles, colours, and patterns. Instead of having to carefully tile the wall surrounding a shower, you can apply shower panels seamlessly, quickly, and easily. They can even offer the sleek look of tiles, without the expense or the upkeep that tiles require. Other styles can give the impression of wood, marble, brick, or other materials to ensure your showers have a sleek look.

Shower panels are completely waterproof, making them ideal for use in showers and bathrooms. They're also Class 1 fire retardant, helping you to follow fire safety regulations with ease.

The Benefits of Shower Panels for Hotels and Bed and Breakfasts

Shower panels offer a range of benefits compared to tiles or other options for finishing the walls in your hotel or B&B bathrooms.


Firstly, our shower panels can't be beaten on price. They're an extremely cost-effective method of adding style and substance to any hotel bathroom. Tiling just one bathroom might not cost too much, but it can quickly become expensive if you want to add tiles to multiple bathrooms. Shower panels will reduce your costs and can still give you the appearance of tiles if that's the style that you want your bathrooms to have.


PVC wall panels are hygienic and easy to maintain. Their waterproof quality means that they are durable and ideal for wet and humid environments such as bathrooms and shower rooms. They're easy to clean, especially as there is no need for grouting, which eliminates grout lines that grow mould.

Easy Installation

It doesn't take much to install shower panels in your hotel bathrooms. In fact, you can do it yourself using typical household tools, with no need for any special equipment. Shower panels are quick and easy to install, saving you both time and money when you're revamping your bathrooms. They provide a flush finish when fitted so that the final look is smooth and they're easy to maintain.

It doesn't take much to install shower panels in your hotel bathrooms.

Great Range of Styles

You have a large range of styles you choose from if you're considering shower panels for your hotel or bed and breakfast. If you want to go with a traditional tiling look, you can select wall panels with tile designs in a selection of patterns, colours, and textures. Or, if you would prefer something different, you can choose shower panels made to look like wood, marble and other natural stones, concrete, brick, and more. You don't have to compromise on style if you want to install shower panels in your bathrooms.


Making your establishment greener might be a big concern. Guests from all over the world are now looking for accommodation that meets their needs in regards to corporate responsibility and sustainability. One of the ways you can make your hotel more eco-friendly is by using the right materials when decorating or renovating. PVC shower panels are environmentally friendly due to their lead-free composition. They're easy to look after and long-lasting too.


Durability is essential for anything that you install in your hotel. You need to use durable products so that they can stand up to a lot of use. Wall panels are extremely durable and sure to last. We've put our shower panels to the test to make sure they deliver a great performance.

Transform Your Bathrooms with Shower Panels

Shower panels are cheaper, more hygienic, and super stylish compared to alternatives such as tiles. By choosing shower panels for your hotel or bed and breakfast bathrooms, you can give them a stylish update without the high price tag.

Floors to Walls makes it easy to update your hotel bathrooms with our range of shower panels. Take a look at our range now to find a new look for your showers.


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