Slat Wall Panels In Your Home

Slat Wall Panels In Your Home

  • Ellie Stirk

Our Slat wall Panels make it even easier to create the interior of your dreams. The Slat Wall Panels are simple to install. For use on walls and ceilings, the slatted wood panel is attached to a sound - absorbing backing (recycled felt). We provide a wide range of attractive real wood veneer finishes in 2.4m lengths.

Within a short period of time, our Slat Wall Panels can instantly alter any room/area. Our Slat Wall Panel is handcrafted just for us, using only the best materials.

So Why Choose Slat Wall Panels?

Unique Style -

A wood slat wall will offer an exotic touch to your already unique property if you are a lifelong fan of fabrics, furniture, and other home-related products. A wood slat wall will breathe fresh life into your home. It will give the house a new appearance. A wood slat wall has a certain charm, regardless of where it is placed. Even people in various sections of the country can detect and appreciate this type of appeal.

Soundproofing and Insulating -

A wood slat wall provides excellent insulation. It will help to reduce sound transfer between nearby areas. Furthermore, a wood slat wall conserves energy. A wood slat wall will improve your home's thermal efficiency, making it more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Asa result, a wood slat wall reduces the cost of maintaining your home's cooling or heating systems.

Cover Up Old Walls -

Our slat wall will hide your old walls and the little defects. The thickness of the slat wall wood board is merely 8 to 10mm. As a result, the installation of the wall is quick. Furthermore, the slat walls we provide do not need sanding and You can do it yourself or a skilled handyman can do the job.

Easy to Maintain and Easy to Clean -

A wood slat wall is straightforward to install. It does not call for the installation of complex electrical wiring or other house components. Because a wood slat wall does not require reinforcement or support from the house's corners or walls, installation is uncomplicated. As a result, unlike other forms of wall covering, you will not need to spend money reinforcing and strengthening the walls of your home during installation. This will save you a significant amount of money on materials for these costs.

Finding The Right Room To Have Slat Panels

We believe that Slat Panels would look good in any room of the house because of their clean,modern design. Particularly in a living room, bedroom, or home office. Making the room feel comfortable and soothing.

You might have it as a feature behind the television in the living room, and again behind the bed in the bedroom, or cover one wall in a room like a home office.

We believe that the Slat Wall panels lighten up a room, therefore they'd benefit even modestrooms in the house.


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