The Benefits of Exterior Cladding Panels

The Benefits of Exterior Cladding Panels

  • Adam Wilson

Are you looking into exterior cladding? Exterior cladding is used worldwide on many properties due to the numerous benefits it brings. Cladding is not only very easy to maintain due to its low maintenance properties, but it also brings an appealing aesthetic value to your property as well as insulation and protection of your structure. It can be used in many different ways from constructing a new home to being added to an extension.

You will see a lot of properties using cladding as a decorative feature to make their property look more appealing. Many high-rise flats will use it as they can be seen from a long distance away, making people intrigued and looking them up.

So what is cladding and what are the benefits of you using cladding? Below we have put a guide together on the benefits of cladding.

What is cladding?

The easiest way to think of cladding is that it is a skin or layer that is added on top of the original design of a building to make it look more appealing. Just like we wear clothes to show off who we are and our personality, cladding is essentially the same, but for a property. Cladding can come in many shapes and sizes and is designed to make the building look more attractive. It will be matched to the interiors to create a certain feel, in order to bring the desired clientele.

As well as having an aesthetic value to it, cladding is also used due to its other benefits such as helping with insulation and the fact it’s low maintenance.

What are the benefits of cladding?

Below we look into five different benefits of using cladding.

Aesthetic Value

We have touched on it above, one of the main reasons cladding is used is for its aesthetic value. Cladding makes a property look more appealing and desirable. It can instantly take your property to the next level, presenting it as a more valuable home to your neighbours - it can add value when you sell your property. You will also sell your property quicker if done well. Our cladding that is available from our store comes in a range of colours and styles. This means you can match it to the interior of your home to your cladding, making your home feel more complete. Our tip would be to try and match your cladding with your windows and other features of your property.

Low Maintenance

In today’s world, one of the biggest benefits you can have to a lot of things we buy is that it's low maintenance. The least amount of time you spend looking after something the more time you can have doing other things that are more important. This is especially the case for cladding. Cladding is very durable and has a certain design built in to help you clean it more easily. You don’t need to paint it like you do with brickwork and have to repaint it after a certain time period has gone by. All you need to do is get a hose and spray it down to remove any dirt that attaches to it. This can be done weekly, monthly, or every couple of months, whichever you prefer.

Protection of your property

Protecting your property is extremely important, especially as any damage could cost you money. Just like clothes protect our skin when falling over, cladding protects buildings from any damage from objects hitting them. During the winter months, the rain can be strong and so can the winds, this can cause objects to strike your building. Cladding will protect your property from any damage the elements throw your way. It also helps reduce corrosion and increase the mechanical strength of your structure, especially high-rise buildings. You will find a lot of them have cladding to help with their resistance to sunlight and reduce mould. Our Exterior Cladding Panels has high impact resistance.

Cut heating costs

Cladding is very good at trapping heat in your property. It can help insulate your property, keeping it warmer in the winter months, and reducing the need for you to put your heating on. This not only saves you money on your electricity bills - which at the moment is very important. It also looks great and is very affordable. It is also very sound insulated, reducing the background noise from the outside which can leak into your property. If you live in a busy street or in the city, this can be very important.

Variety of uses

There are many uses for cladding, making it a promising solution for a lot of projects. It can be used as part of a new build project, alternatively, it can be used to help with an extension or when renovating your current property. If you are considering an extension, cladding is a great option if you want to make it look unique and have a specific design to it. As mentioned above, it is hard-wearing and easy to maintain, which is a big bonus as you don’t want to spend a lot of time maintaining it as part of your extension. The Vox Bristol External Cladding Panels are one of the most popular exterior cladding panel products.


Cladding is extremely useful and has a lot of benefits to it. When you look around your street, you will often notice a lot of properties have cladding - especially flats or tall buildings. It is great for adding some personality and will protect your home from any potential damage. There are many different designs for cladding, allowing you to customise it to your home. Consider it now to transform your home and give it a new look.

If you have any questions about cladding and having it installed on your property, please get in touch with one of our representatives. Our team members are highly trained and on hand to answer any questions you have on cladding. Whether you want to place an order or are looking for more information we would be happy to assist you. You can contact us on [insert number], alternatively, drop us an email on [insert email] and we will respond as soon as possible.


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