Did you know that you could use wall panels in your hallway entrance

Did you know that you could use wall panels in your hallway entrance

  • Adam Wilson

Did you know that you could use wall panels in your hallway entrance?

What’s the first room that comes to mind when you think of wall panels? If you’re like most people, it’s the bathroom. But it turns out that you can also use this cladding option in your hallway entrance too.

Who would have thought?

Why do people use wall panels in the hallway?

So why are people so keen on installing wall panels in this part of their homes?

Well, to put it bluntly, they want something simple and easy. For many, installing traditional upmarket materials to remake their interior walls is too much effort. Why spend weeks renovating using traditional materials when you can do it so much more easily with our panels?

Panels offer a host of advantages for homeowners that make them an attractive investment. No - they’re not the same as traditional materials they mimic. But that’s often a good thing.

For instance, installing a genuine wood facade in your hallway could take weeks to finish and cost you a small fortune. But when you use our panels, it’s easy. Installers just fit them to the wall in large sections and that’s it: no complicated fiddling around making sure the wood is cut to the perfect size to fit around your doorways.

Panelling also gives you the opportunity to get aesthetics you could never otherwise achieve. For instance, imagine trying to install a genuine raw slate wall in your hallway. You’d have to completely rip out the existing drywall (and perhaps some supporting walls) and start from scratch, laying each piece of slate carefully, one on top of the other. It could be weeks of work and, for most properties, utterly impractical.

But with a slate brick effect panel, installing slate is just as easy as any other design. It’s just a matter of applying the panel to the wall - simple.

Panels also help make improving the look of your hallway incredibly affordable. Buying genuine materials, like stone, slate, brick, wood, and marble is expensive. Supplies have to mine these materials using heavy machinery, cut them to the right shape and then ship them to your address. Then, experienced craftsmen have to install them, piece by piece, being careful not to make a mistake, all of which adds to the costs.

But with our wall panels, you avoid all of those implied expenses. It’s just a matter of fabricating the coverings and then fitting them into place atop your existing hallway walls - no expensive renovations required.

Why else do people routinely choose to use wall panels in their hallways? Well, one final reason is the mood they create. Our printing technology is so advanced that our wall panels now almost perfectly mimic the visual effect of real materials. So when you install them, you can adjust the mood of your hallways, tailoring their style to your preferences. Create a contemporary, relaxed, luxe or boho interior with ease, without any of the usual expense or hassle.

How to use wall panels in your hallway?

Now that you know why you should use wall panels in your hallway, the next question is how to use them.

Here, your options are almost endless - as you’ll find out if you check out our collection of wall panel designs. What’s more, because the basic approach to installing panels is essentially the same, regardless of the design, you have free rein. Just choose the panels that you like the most. So the question of how to use wall panels in your hallway is mainly about finding options that complement your interiors.

So what are your options:

  • Brick effect: We stock a range of brick-effect panels that recreate the aesthetics of natural brick. Typically, you’d see these in basements, attics or garages. But depending on the style of your home, you can also use them in hallways. As you might expect, they make great statement walls, so you could install them on the opposite wall from your front door to generate immediate impact the moment guests enter your home.
  • Slate effect: We already briefly mentioned slate effect panels. But, right now, they’re all the rage. That’s because the 3D printing technology we use is so good that they actually “pop” from the wall and look like the real thing. Each individual piece of slate is printed with its own design, making the panel look natural and as though an artisan placed each piece. Slate effect panels give your hallway a fresh feel, elevating the mood the moment people walk through the door. It also complements contemporary luxe interiors, adding a natural element that nicely contrasts with the rest of the room.
  • Wood effect: Putting up genuine wood panelling in your hallways is notoriously expensive. And that’s why the majority of people don’t do it. But what if you could choose from a range of wood effects at the fraction of the cost of the real thing? Well, with our panels, you can. What’s so great about these panels is how they accurately reflect the character of individual pieces of wood. If you look closely, you’ll see the grain and knots of the wood, taken from nature itself.
  • Tile effect: Depending on the style of your home, you might also want to use tile effect panels in your hallway. These are ideal in properties already using a lot of real tiles on the floor that want to take the aesthetics to the next level. Instead of paying a decorator an enormous sum of money to fit real tiles to your walls, you can simply install them by the panel - a job that takes a fraction of the time.

The Bottom Line

Of course, we have many more types of cladding available for your hallway. But the options discussed above give you a flavor of what you can achieve when you shop with us. Our wall panels enable you to create bold hallways much more affordably than traditional options, freeing you up to really experiment with your interior design.


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