Waterproof bathroom wall panels

Waterproof bathroom wall panels

  • Adam Wilson

Are you thinking about revamping your bathroom, or are you embarking upon a renovation project to spruce up or put your stamp on a new home? If so, have you thought about using waterproof bathroom wall panels?

Introduction: What are waterproof bathroom wall panels?

When you think about shower rooms and bathrooms, tiles usually spring to mind. Many homes have tiled bathrooms, with ceramic tiles for the walls and floors a popular choice. The obvious benefit of ceramic tiles is smart aesthetics, but what if there was an alternative that meant you could achieve a spectacular look and enhance durability and reduce maintenance to boot? Allow us to introduce you to waterproof bathroom wall panels.

Waterproof shower panels are an ideal option for homeowners looking for an affordable alternative to traditional tiles. PVC shower panels tick every box, providing a cost-effective solution for every bathroom. Completely waterproof, PVC bathroom panels are built to last and easy to look after.

What are the pros and cons?

If you’re modernising your bathroom, or you’re looking for inspiration for a new design after moving house, it’s natural to want to weigh up the pros and cons of different materials. Here are some advantages and disadvantages to consider when exploring the possibility of installing waterproof bathroom wall panels.

The pros

  • Versatility: say goodbye to awkward installations and a restricted range of options for quirky or bijou bathrooms. Waterproof shower panels can be fitted in any bathroom, no matter how big or small or how uniform the shape.

  • Style and aesthetics: waterproof bathroom wall panels come in a stunning array of designs and styles to suit all tastes. From contemporary, boutique-hotel style bathrooms to rustic shower rooms and ensuites, there are options to suit every customer.

  • Durability: as the name suggests, waterproof bathroom wall panels are completely waterproof, which means that they last a lot longer than ceramic tiles. Investing in PVC shower panels will save you money in the short and long term.

  • Easy to clean and maintain: we all know that cleaning the bathroom and trying to remove dirt and debris from between tiles can be an arduous job. With hygienic waterproof bathroom wall panels, you don’t need to worry about exerting extra energy to keep your bathroom clean. PVC panels are easy to clean and maintain. Free up time and make keeping your bathroom spotless a breeze.

  • Cost: waterproof bathroom wall panels are cheaper than ceramic tiles, making them accessible to a wider range of customers.

The cons

The only real downside of waterproof bathroom wall panels is that some customers will only consider ceramic tiles. In some cases, customers have a vision in mind and they are used to using traditional tiles. If you have an idea, it’s worth discussing your requirements with the Floors to Walls team. You may be surprised at the amazing aesthetics you can achieve with waterproof bathroom wall panels.

Finding the right waterproof panels for your bathroom

Planning a bathroom design is exciting, but it’s common to encounter problems, especially if you’re not sure what you want or you’ve never revamped or renovated a bathroom or ensuite before. There are several key factors to think about when choosing waterproof bathroom wall panels for your home, including:

  • Your budget: it’s always beneficial to go into any type of home renovation project with a budget. The cost of materials for bathrooms varies and some options may be more suitable than others. Once you set a budget, you can filter results and narrow down your options based on affordability.

  • Your vision: many of us dream of having a sumptuous, tranquil, serene bathroom to escape to at the end of a busy day. The aesthetic of your wall panels will play an integral role in creating a new look. It’s a great idea to explore different styles and designs and browse galleries to get ideas before you decide which panels to buy.

  • Your requirements: bathrooms are functional spaces, which often cater to different people and provide a base for different activities. Choose panels that match your requirements. It’s important that your bathroom looks great and ticks the functionality boxes.

  • Size and shape: the size of your bathroom may impact the choices you make in terms of colours and design. If you have a small bathroom, which doesn’t have much natural light, for example, you may wish to create the illusion of a larger, brighter space by opting for light shower panels.


Waterproof bathroom wall panels are an excellent alternative to ceramic tiles. If you are thinking about freshening up your bathroom, or you’re planning a shower room makeover, have you thought about using waterproof shower panels? Waterproof bathroom wall panels are easy to look after and clean, they last longer than ceramic tiles, they are more affordable and there’s a stunning range of styles available.


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