Here Are Some Brilliant Wall Panel Ideas For Your Garage

Here Are Some Brilliant Wall Panel Ideas For Your Garage

  • Adam Wilson

Here Are Some Brilliant Wall Panel Ideas For Your Garage

We tend to think of wall panels as something that we install in our bathrooms, showers and cloakrooms. But did you know that you can also put them up in your garage as well?

For many, installing wall panels is the smart choice. Not only do they look great but also provide robust cladding suitable for the kind of activities you’re likely to be carrying out.

Getting ideas for your wall panels, however, can sometimes be a little challenging. But don’t worry: we’ve got you covered. In this post, we run through some of the wall panel cladding ideas you might want to try from us and how they could improve your garage space.

Natural Stone Light Grey Slate

Breeze block garage walls are functional. But they don’t look particularly attractive. Fortunately, natural stone light grey slate panels can help. These mimic the effect of a traditional stone wall, creating a slate tile effect.

They come with a flush finish but also shadow detailing that makes it look as if the tiles are really popping out of the wall. Plus, they are surprisingly low maintenance, so you don’t have to worry so much about bumping into them. Unlike regular slate, these panels won’t chip or absorb water.

Brick Effect

Brick effect panels are often a wonderful addition to garages, helping to bring them to life. If you don’t like breeze blocks but enjoy the look of brick, then these wall panels should be your first choice.

Brick effect panels have the surprising effect of freshening up your spaces. While bare brick is decidedly minimalist, it naturally brightens and elevates garages, encouraging you to spend more time in them.

Top brick effect panels are waterproof and maintenance free. They also use 3D print technology to create a more realistic facade.

Marino Wood Effect

If you’re the sort of person who likes natural cladding, then you’ll love Marino wood effect panels. This design is decidedly italian in origin. It features multiple interwoven sections coloured wood-effect of different shapes and sizes. The overall aesthetic is luxe, allowing you to transform your garage into a beautiful room while losing none of its functionality. You could even use it as a feature wall.

Marino wood effect is for homeowners who want to make a bold statement. There’s nothing quite like it on the market at the moment. These panels are easy to install and sold in packs of four. You can use them as a full room feature or just on a single wall in your garage. The choice is yours.

Distressed Oak

Garages can also look great when dressed in distressed oak panels. These mimic the natural beauty of hardwood, but without any of the expense or maintenance issues usually associated with them.

Distressed oak-panelled garages have a studio-like feel. Adding such high-quality aesthetics utterly transforms them, helping the space to feel as loved as all the other rooms in your home.

Rustic Grey Brick

If traditional red brick isn’t your thing, you might want to try experimenting with rustic grey brick panels. These are suitable for all kinds of settings, such as basements and conservatories. But they also work well in the garage, thanks to their functional appeal.

Grey bricks are refreshingly neutral. Plus, if your garage has a source of natural light, their silvery-reflectivity will give the space a unique ambience, scattering light in all directions.

Rustic grey brick panels also pair beautifully with soft furnishings. So if you have a seating area in your garage, this can work too.

Havanna Silver Panels

Havanna silver panels give your garage walls a wood-like, upmarket, luxury effect. They mimic vertical sections of wood, interlaced with each other, with fine white lines in between. Again, these panels use advanced 3D print technology, but don’t come with the same price tag as their real counterparts.


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