Wall Panels Can Also Be Used In Your Living Room

Wall Panels Can Also Be Used In Your Living Room

  • Adam Wilson

Are you fed up with painted plaster? Wooden panelling could be your easy shortcut to a warm character, and period atmosphere in your home.

Get rid of any thoughts about dark, mahogany-lined halls that you see in old preserve buildings such in the National trust. Panelling can be a fantastic way to instantly add a touch of vintage charm, period authenticity, or simply add a warming touch to the rooms of your home.

Modern panelling can bring detail and texture to an otherwise ordinary space aswel as reclaiming original boards to help you create an ever-lasting boutique country retreat feel. Utilising lighter woods, or neutral paint colours can help you to avoid a dark and dreary look.

Let’s have a look at the many ways you can use panelling in your home as well as how well wall panel in your living room can look:

Choose A Replica

You may feel as though panelling is more of a commitment than just painting or wallpapering, however, if you are lucky and live in a home with a little bit of history, it’s definitely worth your while. Using replica panelling can work in any room including your living room, can provide you with an authentic period feel.

Choose A Light Wood

If you want a modern log cabin look laying lighter, natural woods over your wall in a floorboard style can help you to achieve this. Pale wooden planks have a stunning simplicity which can help you to avoid the feeling or the concern that your room is too dark. Paired with a white wall and a light floor lighter panelling gives you a dreamy effect.

Choose Modern

Panelling doesn’t have to be a gothic look. Modern panelling can give you a slick, warm feel that is upmarket. You will often see modern panelling use in living rooms and chich living spaces. You could even plan to have built-in features such as a fireplace and flatscreen TV. This works great in your living room space and can help to create a simple and modern feature wall using panels.

Update Your Study

Now that many people are working from home more, now is the perfect time to update your study space. Aswel as being used in your dining or living room, a wall or half wall of wood can transform a drab office space and turn into a calming and chic traditional study. Painting in a soft grey can help to create a calm working environment to keep you focused.

Get Into The Groove

Tongue-and-groove panelling is a classic look that works well in bathrooms. It’s simple to look after, fairly cheap to install and can easily be painted to match your scheme, it also gives you a traditional coastal/country cottage feel. It works great as a side panel on your bath or half of the wall and is perfect for hiding unsightly pipework. Make sure you use specialist bathroom paint to prevent mould and mildew from moisture in the air.

Create Period Grandeur

You can create an instant period grandeur look by installing period-looking panelling from floor to ceiling. You will get an elegant, country manor look that looks perfect in a living or dining room. If you do it properly and carefully you can instal a well-crafted imitation without that high cost.

Perfect Wall Panels In The Living Room

When thinking about panelling, make sure you think about the proportions of your room. In smaller spaces, panelling half a wall might help you to avoid a cramped feel. There are many options when it comes to the panelling. Whether you want to create a modern or Edwardian feature, you will be spoilt for choice.

Be Creative

Don’t be afraid to experiment when it comes to your designs. Remember it is possible to create the look that you want. Ven if you want a Victorian or Georgian feel with a modern twist. Adding panelling to your stairs will make it feel as though it is part of the integral structure of the house, too.

Think About Your Property

If you are struggling to settle on the right panelling for your home, look to its natural era. This is how you can get panelling to work the best, however, if you want to add some character to a newer property panelling can help. You can easily give your new build some features of its own with the use of panelling. This also gives you free rein to choose the type and era you want to use.

Bring Wallpaper Into The Mix

If panelling alone feels too harsh, think about mixing the elements and bring wallpaper into the mix. Bold panels of wallpaper can be used to break up the panelling. Floor to ceiling panelling may be too overbearing, and wallpaper alone may be too overpowering, mixing them gives you the best of both worlds.

Go Horizontal

Tongue and groove panelling can work well in kitchens just as well as in bathrooms (and of course anywhere in your home). If you lay it horizontally it can help to add the illusion of width to a small space. Make sure you research the width of the planks and think about what would work best in your home.

Think Small

Don’t automatically assume that panelling will close in your space, and will only work in larger rooms. Panelling can be great in a smaller room and add to it’ quaint cottagy feel. If you are worried about the room feeling closed in make sure you stay away from darker colours. White or pale grey panelling can work wonders in a smaller room.

Just Use One Wall

If you love the idea of adding panelling bur you think it would be too much on all of the walls, scale it down and use just one wall. Much like you would if you were adding patterned wallpaper, you create a feature wall.

How have you used panelling around your home? Are you tempted to use it in your living room?


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