You Can Find A Large Range Of Shower Panelling At Floors To Walls

You Can Find A Large Range Of Shower Panelling At Floors To Walls

  • Adam Wilson

You Can Find A Large Range Of Shower Panelling At Floors To Walls

When it comes to decorating your bathroom, you want to be sure that you’re choosing the best possible pieces to bring it to life. As much as tiles seem to be the default wall covering that we go-to, it’s also a great idea to consider shower panelling.

With a shower panel, you’ll find that it’s a quick, easy to maintain, and affordable way to create a stunning look across your bathroom walls. Better yet, here at Floors to Walls, we have a large range of shower panelling for you to consider. Let’s take a look at what it is, what styles we have and help you choose!

Why Choose Shower Panelling

Maybe you’re wondering why you’d opt for shower panelling over traditional tiles? Well, you’ll be glad to know that there’s so many benefits to going with panels over tiles. Not only are they more affordable, but they’re easier to clean too. You don’t have to deal with the tile grout and fight to keep it mould-free and clean. You can also cut them to the right size, making them super easy to fit too.

Now that you’re on-board with the idea of wall panels for your bathroom, let’s take a look at the different styles and why we have a large range for you to choose from.

Styles Of Shower Panelling

Shower panelling is waterproof and incredibly versatile. They keep your walls completely water-free, they’re affordable, but they also look great too. Because we know that bathroom design is so important to you as well as the function, we’ve made it our mission to stock a full range of different styles of shower panels for you.

Our wall panels tend to come in 1 metre size ways, but you can easily customize this by selecting the right number of panels to purchase. Then you have a full range of design styles to choose from that will work with your dream bathroom décor.

Our Large Selection

We have a full range of shower panelling for you to choose from. No matter the design style you’re looking to go for, or the overall vision you have for your dream bathroom renovation, you will find it by selecting out of our many styles of panels. Let’s take a look at some of our most popular design categories.

Sparkle Shower Panels

We have stunning sparkle panels for you to choose from. In dramatic black, bright ice white and stunning platinum grey, you can create the most beautiful effects across your bathroom walls by turning to one of these glamorous designs.

Concrete Shower Panels

For something more modern, minimalistic, and rustic, we also have concrete shower panelling. This can look incredibly natural and works well when you want your theme to be neutral, minimal and effortless.

Marble Shower Panels

Marble is still one of the most popular styles of shower panelling. If you’d love to go with a grey marble effect, something subtle, or stunning white, you can find it with us. This can really compliment your new bathroom renovations and bring the full design to life.

Textured Shower Panels

If you want to create a stunning effect in your bathroom, why not go with a fun texture? You can choose from Greystone, Wood, Quartz, Marino and more! We’ve even got a full range of gloss panelling if you want to go smooth and sophisticated too!

Tile Shower Panels

We do also have tile effect shower panelling for you to choose from too. Whether you like the look or you want to create a stunning mosaic affect, you can with our tile shower panels. In various sizes and effects, you’ll find the perfect look to suit your dream design.

Choosing The Perfect Shower Panelling

So you know that you want to create a certain look in your bathroom but you’re not exactly sure what to go for? Choosing the perfect shower panelling for your bathroom is such an important choice. So take your time.

Be sure to think over the different designs and inspirations that you have in mind, and make your decision based on what will work with your bathroom ideas the best. You’re going to be so pleased that you opted for a safe, quick, and reliable panel over tile, just pick the design that you love the most!

Are you looking to make changes to your bathroom soon? Then choosing shower panelling could be perfect for you. Take a look at our full range of designs and styles today and make your order!


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