Cheap Bathroom Wall Panels

Cheap Bathroom Wall Panels

  • Adam Wilson

If you are a lover of the finer things in life, you can still enjoy elegance and pizzazz without committing many financial resources to them. It can start in the most private place of the home – the bathroom. Finding cheap bathroom wall panels is easier now. Moreover, with the internet and the influx of e-shops, it is not difficult to spot designs that complement your personal bathroom style. However, the question is why anyone would opt for cheap bathroom wall panels and not tiles. The following points below can provide insight into that.

Easy Cleaning

The main headache with bathroom tiles is the amount of grout left in the spaces. As if that isn’t enough, tiles form mould after a short while. Mould formation is a result of moisture and condensation in a poorly-ventilated place. Undoubtedly, bathrooms tend to have inadequate ventilation, and this requires excessive cleaning to keep a tiled bathroom clean. The same cannot be said of bathroom wall panels. They are easy to clean and do not leave behind cracked grout or form moulds.

With warm water, a non-abrasive cleaner, and a soft sponge, your bathroom wall panels can be given a good cleaning. There is no need to exert so much muscle pressure scrubbing layers of soap sud stains that tiles are common culprits. If you belong to the group of people averse to cleaning these parts, maybe you can consider swapping those tiles for cheap bathroom wall panels. What could be more exciting than using little resources for a quality product? Even better, cleaning is a breeze.

Quick And Simple Installation

You would think that their installation would be complex due to the high-end design of bathroom wall panels. On the contrary, these installations are quick and easy. Moreover, they can be ready to use within the first twenty-four hours after fixing. Can you imagine having only one bathroom at home, and you just had the walls installed with tiles? That may mean not having a shower or a bath until after 24 hours when the tile adhesive is thoroughly dry. Apart from the obvious inconvenience this presents, it is quite upsetting having to wait that long for a single bathroom to be ready before it can be used.

Did you know bathroom wall panels can be installed onto tiled walls? This means that there is no need to remove existing tiles considering the dust and mess that would create. All it takes is for the sealant at the edges to dry up, and you are good to go. And this is as versatile and convenient as it gets.

Versatile Design Options

A tiled bathroom tends to be restricted in design and fitting options. On the contrary, bathroom wall panels have versatile design options that suit every style preference. You may want to have the panels fitted only in the shower cubicle or another specific area for a visually-pleasing effect. In sealing the edges, you may want to consider using an adhesive of the same colour as the wall panels. This improves the overall aesthetics of the finishing, so keep this in mind.


If you’re using tiles for your bathroom, it is recommended to use high-quality ones to last longer. However, they tend to be pricey, and if the cost exceeds your budget, you may find yourself caught between a rock and a hard place. And this excludes the cost of labour and the bags of tiling adhesives you will purchase.

Furthermore, why would you spend a fortune on getting a tiled bathroom when your monthly expenditure continues to suffer? Thankfully, you can save yourself by getting cheap bathroom wall panels. Their affordability in no way compromises the quality, so keep this in mind. Therefore, you will find it easier to choose the better option for your pocket.

Excellent At Hiding Irregularities

If your current bathroom walls have visible irregularities that make your skin crawl, these panels can hide them with so much ease. You need not worry about the obvious mismatch between your current wall and the look you’re hoping to achieve for your dream bathroom. These cheap bathroom wall panels can create an instant interior transformation. In the end, you just might enjoy spending more time in your new bathroom than the old one.

You can take a leap of faith by trying out bathroom wall panels that suit your budget. Sometimes, all you need to prove yourself wrong is by testing a product’s quality, so keep this in mind.


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