Check Out Our New 1m Shower Panel Designs

Check Out Our New 1m Shower Panel Designs

  • Adam Wilson

At Floors To Walls, we’re happy to announce our new range of 1m shower panels. Choose between three stylish designs:


These large shower panels provide increased width. This gives you the option of using less panels, making installation easier. For small walk-in shower areas, you may even be able to use a single panel per wall for a completely seamless look.

Each of our panels is made from PVC, making them waterproof and easy to maintain. They have a brushed effect pattern and matt finish for a modern and elegant look. Our three 1m shower panel designs are detailed below.


Our LARGE ABSTRACT LIGHT shower panels are ideal for those that want a bright and modern option. Their lighter tone helps to reflect light and make your bathroom feel more spacious. Their brushed look pattern meanwhile simulates the effect of rain.

These PVC shower panels are easy to install and easy to cut. They’re fully waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about moisture seeping through and damaging your walls.



For a design that’s sophisticated and dramatic, choose our LARGE ABSTRACT DARK shower panels. Darker colours in a bathroom are typically more daring, but can be equally attractive, providing a classy elegance.

Made from hollow core PVC board, these shower panels will protect your walls from water damage. They’re also very easy to cut and install - unlike installing tiles, you don’t need a lot of time and patience.



Beige could be a great choice for your shower - it’s neutral, but offers a hint of warmth that can make it more attractive than white or grey for some people. Our LARGE ABSTRACT BEIGE shower panels incorporate a brushed effect to make them more unique.

Like all PVC shower panels, they are impermeable to water and will help to safeguard your walls from moisture damage and mould. They’re suitable for DIY installation and can be easily cut into shape to meet the exact dimensions of your shower.


Why choose shower panels?

Shower panels are an alternative to tiles that have become increasingly popular in recent years. They have many perks that can make them a more practical option. Some of the biggest benefits of shower panels include:

Easy to cut

PVC shower panels are much easier to cut than tiles. In fact, all you need is a stanley knife to cut them to size.

Our ABSTRACT series of wall panels are 10mm thick - we recommend using a fine-tooth saw to cut them into shape to ensure the best cut. You can use larger tooth saws, including electric saws, but these may not always provide the smoothest cut.

Easy installation

Another great reason to choose shower panels is the fact that they’re very easy to install. Tiles can be fiddly as each one has to be precisely spaced from the next. With panels, you don’t have this problem.

Our 1m shower panels make installation even easier by reducing the amount of panels needed to cover each wall.

No grouting

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of shower panels is that they don’t have grouting. Anyone with a tiled wall knows just how much of a nightmare tiles can be to clean once the grouting gets old - dirt can become trapped in the grouting, which can be unhygienic and unappealing to look at.

Cleaning our shower panels is contrastingly very easy. You can easily wipe them down with a cloth or sponge without having to worry about removing stubborn dirt and mould from grouting.

Diverse appearance

Shower panels are available in a much more diverse array of different styles compared to tiles. In fact, you can buy shower panels that look just like wood or natural stone (and even panels that look like tiles).

Tiles may have a classic look, but those looking for a modern look are better off choosing wall panels. Our LARGE ABSTRACT LIGHT shower panels, LARGE ABSTRACT DARK shower panels, and LARGE ABSTRACT BEIGE shower panels are all striking contemporary options that are certain to impress guests.

Diverse sizes

You can order panels in varying different sizes. Many are quite slim and tall, however as our ABSTRACT collection shows, it’s possible to also buy large shower panels.

These larger 1m shower panels are suitable for both small and large shower spaces. As already mentioned, using wider panels could allow you to use less panels, potentially making installation easier.


You could find that shower panels are a lot more affordable than tiles. Not only can the materials work out cheaper, but the labour could be cheaper too. A lot of people prefer to hire a professional when installing tiles. Shower panels are an easy DIY option that anyone can take on.

At Floors To Walls, our shower panels are all fairly priced. We also offer regular discounts on many of our products throughout the year. On top of this, we offer the option to pay in instalments, helping you to spread out the cost.

Order your 1m shower panels today

Our new 1m shower panel designs could be a great option for your shower space. If you’ve been thinking of installing shower panels in your bathroom and you love the look of our ABSTRACT panels, why not place your order today?

We deliver to homes across the UK and offer a variety of different payment options. Order early enough in the day, and you may even be eligible for same day delivery!

While here on our Floors To Walls site, we also recommend checking out some of our other bathroom products. We sell floors, trim and bathroom furniture - if you’re renovating your bathroom, you may find that we have all the accessories you need.

Got some questions about our 1m shower panels? Feel free to give us a call on 0191 389 6636 to discuss any queries you may have. We’re happy to talk and may even be able to offer a price match.


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