Convert a rustic garden shed into an ideal workspace

Convert a rustic garden shed into an ideal workspace

  • Ellie Stirk

Converting a garden shed into a home office has become a cost - effective and attractive method for many homeowners who work from home. Many homeowners want their own peaceful haven away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and changing an existing shed into a completely new, distraction - free zone is easier than you might think. The walls of your new shed - turned - office should be a significant focus, whether you desire a clean, modern workplace or a comfortable, rustic refuge. Whatever setup you envision for your home office, our premium selection of quick - to - install wall panels will help you make it a reality.

Our wall panels have the wonderful advantage of being exceptionally easy to clean, which is perfect for garden sheds because they can be more prone to attracting bugs and gathering dirt than a house. The equipment you'll need, such as a soft cloth and soapy water, is listed in our quick, straightforward maintenance instructions for cleaner panels.

It's essential to make a list of all the equipment you want to use in the workspace, arrange the layout beforehand, and determine how you'll be able to fit the furniture and equipment into it. It is advised that you thoroughly inspect the shed before starting the repair because doing so will help you avoid any potential issues in the future. If dangers have been discovered, establish a list of the tools you'll need to deal with them or seek professional help because some issues can be too dangerous for you to deal with on your own.

Before installing insulation, power, and other critical components, make sure the shed is damp proofed to avoid mould and other difficulties. Check out our specialist installation guide before you install our durable wall panels to make sure you're doing it correctly.

Here are some of our panels that can be used in an outside shed if they are insulated.

- Simple and Clean Look - Value Range - 5mm Matt White – Floors To Walls

For a crisp, contemporary aesthetic with a typically business - like vibe, use our Matt White from our Value Range interior wall panels. No matter if you're converting a shed into a home office for the first time or you're seeking for a quick but stylish makeover, these magnificent panels offer a sleek, smooth surface that replicates the experience of sitting in a modern, high - rise office in the city.

These stylish wall boards, which have a brushed, abstract texture, are the best option for achieving a modern, stylish appearance.

Modern and Class - Vox Linerio S - Line Slat Panel - Natural – Floors To Walls

Slat panelling is growing in popularity because of its chic, contemporary design, which gives any area a brand - new appearance. This would be a creative method to insulate your outdoor office area, retaining heat inside and soundproofing the exterior to reduce any disturbances. You won't be dissatisfied, and you could decide to remain a few additional hours in your cosy new space.

Rugged and Rustic - Distressed Oak Grey 2600mm x 250mm x 8mm (Pack of 4) – Floors To Walls

These are a stylish and quite useful alternative for any shed office area. These tough, moisture - resistant panels, which have special qualities, offer a less expensive option to tiles and thus are appropriate for use while the heating is on during cold weather.

These PVC panels are simple to install, whether they are mounted on current walls or a brand - new surface. Last but not least, if you're seeking for some design ideas, these decorative wall panels give your dream office area the ideal, rustic den appearance when matched with light wooden furniture, LED lighting, and some tiny plants to complete it off.

Clean City - London Tile (White Brick) - Pack of 4 – Floors To Walls

Due to its many extremely useful characteristics, including insulation and ease of maintenance, this interior wall cladding is the ideal addition to any shed turned office. These ultra - realistic panels were produced using a variety of printing techniques, with a straightforward tongue and groove and a high resolution print that guarantees quality. Even with basic DIY tools, they are easy to install. Because there are no grout cleaning issues, decorative wall boards are becoming more and more popular as alternatives to regular tiling.


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