Ideas for a modern and stylish en-suite bathroom

Ideas for a modern and stylish en-suite bathroom

  • Ellie Stirk

Ensuite bathrooms are a highly useful feature of the home, allowing you to have your own bathroom space even if you live with others. Having an ensuite bathroom in your bedroom makes it easier to wind down for bed, maybe allowing you to sleep better. Or do you like to be alone in the early mornings?

They are more personal to a person, as you may design them however you choose. Everything from the wall panelling to the bathroom accessories is beautiful. Adapting it to your preferences and taste.

Whatever your intentions are for your future ensuite bathroom, we are here to provide you with ideas and possibly influence your next project.

Wall Panels

Wall panels are an excellent method to upgrade your bathroom, whether you have a compact or large space. It is simple to install, easy to clean and maintain and decreases the likelihood of mould growth in bathroom space which does not have access to a window.

If you want to use a darker panel, such as our Black Sparkle, you can contrast it with lighter - coloured bathroom fittings, such as our Astley Accessories in our Bathroom Furniture, to make the space appear larger than it is. Even a lighter - coloured panel, like our Whitehaven Tile Effect, would make the space appear larger.

One popular example is our Marble effect, which is available in both our conventional white and one of my personal favourites, Grey Marble. It exudes exquisite style and pairs beautifully with darker grey accessories. This makes the room appear much larger, giving the impression that the ensuite bathroom is spacious.

Accessories Which Will Double The Size

A mirror is an accessory that I believe is one of the most crucial aspects of any bathroom. Its purpose is to allow you to see yourself and ensure that you look well for the day ahead. Of course, this is correct; however, the reason I favour a large mirror is simply that it makes the room appear double the size. Creating the illusion of a cupboard - sized room gives the impression that you are in the ideal - sized bathroom.

Toilets For Your Ensuite

The toilet is one of the most vital components of any bathroom. The size or style of the toilet can have a significant impact on the overall aesthetic. Because we are working in a smaller space, you should consider the sizing of the bathroom fittings thoughtfully. If you desire a larger shower, we propose a more simple toilet without a huge back cistern or one with a sink on top to conserve room.


This can be challenging in any room of the house, but especially in a bathroom, which is typically a smaller space. We recommend under - sink storage solutions, which are ideal for older homes with smaller bathrooms.

Another storage solution is to install wall racking in your shower or bath area, which will free up some floor space. As with any accessory, these will bring individuality to your bathroom. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours. In the bathroom, we recommend utilising smooth plastic material which is easy to clean and dry.

The Shower

Most en-suites feature showers; depending on how much space you have, you may prefer a standard shower or a walk - in shower. The larger the shower, the smaller the basin and toilet should be, allowing you enough floor space to prepare. A larger shower area allows you to be more imaginative, as demonstrated in the image below, where they have built a storage space within the tiled walls. This allows you to generate storage without taking up any additional space.


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