Designing Your Room on a Budget with PVC Panels

Designing Your Room on a Budget with PVC Panels

  • Ellie Stirk

If you are looking for a stylish and affordable way to revamp your room, whether it be a bathroom, office, university digs, or just about any other space you can think of, then PVC panels are an ideal solution.

Not only are PVC panels extremely affordable , but they offer easy installation, and can instantly transform the look of any space they are used in. If you’re looking to transform a drab, dull, worn room into an attractive, clean, and stylish one fast, then PVC panels are just the ticket.

Sound good ? Let’s take a closer look at PVC panels and why you might want to consider them for your home.

What are PVC panels?

PVC wall panels are basically a form of cladding that you can affix to your walls as an affordable alternative to tiles and other forms of wall decor. They are easy to install, and because they are made from PVC, which is a tough plastic with a honeycomb core construction, they are extremely strong too. Smooth and stylish, they look great in bathrooms and kitchens, and toilets.

What are the benefits of using PVC panels?

There are a number of benefits that come with using PVC panels to design your room, but here are some of the most compelling:


If you're looking to completely transform a room like a bathroom on a budget, then it is fair to say that PVC panels are not only easy to install when compared to tiles, which must be grouted, but they are also much more affordable too.

If you were to match the quality of ceramic tiles and PVC panels like for like then you would always find the PVC panels are cheaper for the size of the room you were interested in decorating. This is because PVC is a cheaper material to manufacture, but do not let this put you off because it still looks every bit as stylish and sophisticated as tiles, as these attractive platinum wall tiles will attest.

Greater efficiency

Because PVC panels do not need to be grouted - they are simply affixed to the wall using a series of battens, and nails or screws to keep them in place - they can be installed far more quickly than equivalent solutions, which means you can design the perfect office shower or family bathroom and not have to worry about the whole place being in upheaval for days on end. If you’re looking for a quick, efficient, and affordable, room transformation, PVC panels are ideal.

A wide range

As if that was not enough, PVC panels come in a vast range of styles and colours, so whether you’re a fan of bling or a lover of classic wood style decor, you can design the perfect room for you using PVC panels.

Extremely water - resistant

If you are designing a bathroom, kitchen, shower, or wet-room, then PVC panels are the ideal choice, especially if you are working on a tight budget. Why? Because not only are they cheaper than your average ceramic tiles, but they are also even more water - resistant.

PVC is one of the most water-resistant materials we have when it comes to home decor. You can splash PVC panels, like these Natural Pennine panels , and get them wet all they want and they will not degrade in quality or style, which is why they are a particularly good choice for use in offices and student accommodation where they may see more wear and tear than usual, but of course, they are also ideal for use in the home too.

Mould - resistant

Of course, since PVC panels are highly water-resistant, and because their unique interlocking construction means that no water can get under them, it is highly likely that mould or mildew will be able to grow on them.

If you are looking to redesign a room that is known to be a bit damp, and where there have been problems with mould and mildew before, PVC panels are the sensible choice because mould will simply not be able to take hold and you will not have to spend endless amounts of time scrubbing, nor will you need to pay for professional cleaners or end up having to redecorate again in a year or two when the mould has ruined the room.

Easy - clean

If you are someone who likes to have a home that looks great, but who does not like to spend a lot of time cleaning, then affordable PVC panels will be a boon in your life. Why? Because they are just so easy to keep clean. Wipe them down with a damp cloth and they will come up looking just as good as new. That’s in stark contrast to tiles that need to be scrubbed and scrubbed all the time to keep them looking pristine.

If you are a landlord or business owner, then using PVC panels also makes sense from a cost point of vide because it will not take cleaners nearly as long to do their thing in rooms that are decorated with PVC panels which means you may not need to pay them for quite so many hours of work going forward either.

In big hotels and university accommodations, it is often the bathrooms that take the most time, but when you have PVC panels in place, cleaning will become a much more efficient task.

The bottom line

Designing your room on a budget is easy when you choose PVC panels. Rooms will look great, cost less, and be easier to maintain, which is why more homeowners, and especially more landlords, should consider using PVC panels as a matter of course in new room designs.

Buy affordable PVC panels today

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