Decorative Wall Panels Can Brighten Up Any Miserable Room

Decorative Wall Panels Can Brighten Up Any Miserable Room

  • Adam Wilson

Decorative Wall Panels Can Brighten Up Any Miserable Room

Revamping your space can sometimes come at a hefty price. The costs involved can add up pretty quickly from updating your furniture to incorporating chic décor pieces into your design. This is where decorative wall panels can swoop in a save the day by providing you with an easy fix to all your decorating woes. Decorative wall panels are not only easy to install and kind to your budget, but also they come in a vast array of designs, colors, textures, and materials, which makes them easy to use as a major style element in any room.

Keep scrolling to learn how decorative wall panels can transform a drab space into a stylish hangout spot that you can't help but show off to your guests, family, and friends.

  1. Use Them On A Feature Wall

Some designs, such as red brick wall panels can be perfect for a feature wall. These bold designs add character to a room and make a statement in your space without being overwhelming. You can decide to let the wall do all the talking by leaving it bare or with minimal mounted decorations or use a more understated stone effect wall, which you can spruce up with metallic or colourful accents based on your style preference. Either way, creating a feature wall using decorative wall panelling is an excellent way to add some depth to your room without having to break the bank. The panels are available in several different patterns and designs that can complement any aesthetic.

  1. Hide What Needs Hiding

Unsightly tangled cables can make any room look a mess, as can various scuffs, scratches, fingerprints, or stains on your walls. Wall panels are a quick fix that can be used to hide all these eye-sores. No need to repaint an entire room or try(and fail) to hastily kick your cables out of the way when guests come around. With wall panels, you can cover up and hide all these imperfections with the added benefit of protecting your walls beneath from further wear and tear.

  1. Long-Lasting Lustre

Decorative wall panels, unlike traditional walls, are more durable and resistant to wear. They are typically made of long-lasting materials such as melamine, MDF, polyurethane, and plastic. This means that they are much easier to clean and keep hygienic, unlike natural materials such as wood, which might require special(and more expensive!) care to maintain. Decorative wall panels also don't need regular upkeep or repairs and can last a lifetime. The only time you'll need to change them would be if you're once more trying to revamp your space with a different style of decorative wall panels.

  1. Added Functionality

Apart from making your space look amazing, decorative wall panels also offer wonderful functional features. They can be used to add an extra layer of insulation to rooms such as basements that can get damp and cold or can be useful for soundproofing a space that you would like to convert to a media room. Also, with no grout lines to worry about, decorative wall panels are an excellent option for bathrooms and kitchens where there's usually a lot of splashing going on. Say goodbye to grimy-looking grout lines and say hello to a neat and sophisticated finish on your kitchen and bathroom walls.

  1. Waste Not, Want Not

Due to their easy installation, decorative wall panels are a DIY enthusiast's dream. You can easily stay within your redecorating budget by installing your panels by yourself. YouTube tutorials are a favourite go-to in the DIY community, so be sure to check them out for some guidance. Otherwise, if you feel you need the extra help or are a bit unsure of yourself, you can always hire a contractor. Decorative wall panels can easily be installed or removed without getting them damaged, and can even be reused in other parts of your home. You can literally carry your walls with you even when you move to a new place and re-install your panels. This saves you lots of cash you may have had to spend on refurbishing chipped, scraped, and dirty traditional walls.

Whatever your style preference, there's a wall panel decorative design out there just for you. Be it a bright Subway tile wall panel which evenly distributes warm, natural light throughout your space or a colourful custom-made wall panel which can double as a massive work of art. Decorative wall panels are perfect for brightening up your home décor and are versatile enough to be used in any room at all.


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