Do you want a Bath or Shower?

Do you want a Bath or Shower?

  • Adam Wilson

This is the big question and the short answer is what's best for you? It's your choice and only you can decide. We all have our personal taste and personal hygiene is simply that - personal!

Most of us enjoy a long relaxing soak and then, there are some that find the prospect of bathing in your own 'dirty water' no so appealing and insist that a shower is the only way to go. Some want the best of both worlds and of course this is the ideal solution but when you take factors such a budget and space into consideration then this can make the decision for you.

You new bath/shower/combi room is a major investment so there are many factors to consider so let us give you some help.


You don't update your bathroom very often, infact statistics state the main reason most households would consider changing their bathroom is; after 10 years when moving into a new property, or to update in order to sell your home. Whatever the reason it's important to see it as a long term investment so planning and budgeting are essential.

The cost of running a Bath and a Shower should be a major consideration. The average Bath uses 80 litres of water and the average 8 minute Shower washes away 62 litres of water and if you have a Power Shower this can drain around 62 litres of water, do this every day and your washing away a lot of water! If you have a water meter then a standard shower will work well for you as will a bath. For those that do not have a water meter, remember this can change any time as the water authorities can install a meter at any time and you have no right to refuse.


Design and planning are the most important aspects at the start of your renovation. This must be done before selecting your fittings and fixtures. The stand out feature of your new Bathroom will be either the Bath or the Shower or both. As the main feature you want to ensure that everything fits and comes together during the renovation. Think about access, door openings and space to dry and dress.

The situation of existing waste pipes, taps valves etc. are a very important consideration as you want hassle free drainage and free flowing taps. Perhaps consider getting professional advice before you start?

Once you have the detailed basic elements you can develop your plan taking in to consideration which end the taps go and which side the Shower door opens and so on. Mistakes can put a serious dent in your budget so it's worth taking time and employing effective design ideas. At this point you should have the obvious answer to the question of - Bath or Shower? The logistics usually dictate the solution if you plan carefully.


If you have never had a new Shower installed before, please note that the Bathroon surfaces will be much wetter so waterproofing is essential. This is also true if you have a tendency to soaking for long periods in the bath.

The floor needs to be sound and waterproof. Our waterproof flooring is highly water resistant and this eliminates any worries of condensation or damp causing you trouble down the line. The choice is varied and we are sure to have exactly what you need to create the finish you desire.

The walls can be covered with our PVC Wall Panels which are 100% waterproof and have the most gorgeous finishes. They look very smart and ensure you reduce the prospect of any damp or mold building up. The wide range of colours, textures and effects are sure to compliment your chosen design and they are easy to install and very cost effective.

Our Bathroom Wall Cladding Panels can be installed with the minimum of fuss using a tongue and groove method which can also be applied to the ceiling and are a great alternative to having to paint. Safety wise, they are Class 1 Fire Rated for peace of mind.

Establish your Space

If the size of your Bathroom is limited, then the most realistic solution would be to consider a Walk in Shower or a bath with a hand held shower. If a Bath is out of the question then a Walk in Shower would be a great option, they come in all sizes and shapes and you will be sure to find one that fits your space.

Combining your bath as a shower can be fitted in many ways and it is always best to do your research to find the best way for your space and preference.

If you have a large space to work with you are in the fortunate position to be able to consider a large variety of options. But remember more space = more money!

The contemporary option is to situate a Freestanding Bath in the middle of the room (similar to a kitchen/dining island) with stylish taps and fixings mounted on the bath or, place a Freestanding Bath adjacent to a wall for ultimate style.

Whatever your final choice, the last consideration would be; if you decide to completely change the existing layout of pipes you will need to employ a qualified plumber and assess if the cost involved would mean a bigger budget and if so, you may have to sacrifice in other areas.

We want you to get the space you dream of so do get in touch with our team and we will help you to make the right choice.


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