Updating a Bathroom Using Existing Layout

Updating a Bathroom Using Existing Layout

  • Adam Wilson

If you are looking to give your Bathroom a makeover you can easily update to make it look stunning with minimal inconvenience. A comprehensive renovation can involve moving pipes and laying a new floor and replacing tiles and this is a much bigger investment.

Updating your bathroom will make a huge difference to the appearance and can be achieved without actually changing the layout. Here we explore methods that will dramatically alter the look of your Bathroom without the need for a big budget.

Re-Tile or Wet-Wall?

In terms of cost, the advantages of installing a Wet-Wall are vast. Being waterproof and mold resistant they add a stunning addition to your Bathroom with a contemporary and elegant finish that will be admired by all.

Constructing your Wet-Wall is easy and cost effective especially as it eliminates the need to re-tile. You simply attach our Plastic Wall Panels to your existing surface using glue. This can be applied over bare walls, tiled walls and most other surfaces which will save time and money with minimal inconvenience.

Waterproof Bathroom Flooring

Using our cost-effective Waterproof Bathroom Flooring you can eliminate all the frustration of the grout working loose or stain build up in-between the tiles, also the fading/peeling of a laminate floor.

By using our Waterproof Bathroom Flooring you have an easy to lay floor that has the benefit of being a hardwearing, durable and easy to maintain with a finish that looks fantastic and easy to clean. With a vast choice of styles, colours, textures and finishes that will complement the fittings and fixtures of your choice.

Update your Shower Space

If you have a Shower Cubicle or on Over Bath Shower simple measures will make a huge difference. First port of call is to assess the existing fittings and decide how to update.

If your Bath Shower Screen is looking dated, why not replace with a new updated version within your budget. If you are using a Shower Curtain then perhaps it’s time to replace with something that will fit in to the rest pf the decor. Shower Curtains do attract mold and bacteria so invers in something you can wash at high temperatures.

Don’t Forget the Finishing Touches!

This is the part where you can be really clever! Take a look online/home magazines for the latest bathroom accessories and you will get plenty of ideas on the little touches that can make your Bathroom look stunning and expensive but it won’t break your budget if you shop around. Coordinated accessories are readily available and depending on your taste can be customised to compliment the Panels. Stainless steel, ceramic, wood – there is plenty of choice.

Adding touches such as a feature plant or a few plants placed in suitable spaces can transform the energy and are a natural dehumidifier after a Bath or Shower. Search for plants suitable for bathrooms such as Lucky Bamboo, Maidenhair Ferns, Begonia to bring some life and nature to the room.

Don’t forget to smarten up any paintwork that needs attention, this alone make the room look clean and fresh and if you use an anti-mols paint this will help keep it fresh. The hughe variety of paint/colours and textures available will encourage you to be adventurous!

Now you are inspired, please get in touch to learn more of our high-quality, versatile, Wall, Floor and Ceiling solutions and get the look you’ve always wanted now.


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