Things to know about Shower Panels

Things to know about Shower Panels

  • Adam Wilson

There are so many ways to convert your bathroom into your dream space that won’t take up all of your time, patience and most importantly your budget! If the thought of grouting, spacer bars and cutting through tough tiles is your worst nightmare, don’t panic we have the easy solution to fit your budget so read on.

When you design your new bathroom, you will be updating one of the most important rooms of your house and adding style and elegance to your personal space making it a stunning and stylish room without the hassle of sticking tiles to the wall and floors.

Using our Shower Panels gives you a speedy and cost-effective means to transforming your bathroom into a unique and stylish room that is as functional as it is good looking.

Consider a Wet Room

Wet Rooms are fast becoming the easiest and cheapest way to add value to your home and the perfect space to relax after a hard day's work where you can enjoy washing your cares away.

Even better, a Wet Room is an easy way to transform your bathroom without using costly tiles and materials but at the same time still achieving a stunning transformation.

Our Wet Wall Shower Panels are designed to be mold resistant, waterproof, easy on maintenance and just wipe clean. Together when used with our Waterproof Bathroom Flooring you will soon have a beautiful floor to ceiling wet room that you will be showing off to all your family and friends!

Easy Installation

Our panela can be attached by a variety of methods and best of all there is no need for adhesives or grout as you simply attach the panels to the floor or wall and unlike regular tiles, this eliminates any future maintenance of cleaning the grout and tiles coming loose.

We highly recommend that you use a wall panel adhesive to attach your panels and you can use staples or pins to hold them in place while the adhesive is setting.

You can use our Wall Panels to cover an uneven surface and if you need to make a speedy transformation consider using them to cover existing tiles saving all the inconvenience of removing the old tiles and resurfacing the wall. The effect is almost instant without any of the hassle and mess!

So now we have established how easy our Wall Panels are to install, let’s look at the many benefits of using our wall panels against traditional tiles.

Large choice of styles and Patterns

Our Wall Panels are the perfect choice to transform your old bathroom into a modern, clean and fabulous place and with a wide range of textures, patterns and colours you really can make inject your unique personal style to create your own stylish bathroom.

You can have Marble effect, a Sparkling Wetwall, Tile effect, Smooth, Textures and a vast array of colours, the choice is unlimited! We have the perfect designed wall panel for you that will guarantee you get the final finish you are looking for without the graft and maintenance of traditional tiles.

In terms of practicality, our panels are resistant to water splashes and more importantly are fire resistant too and resistant to spreading flames giving you peace of mind that you are using a safe and practical solution.

Superb Insulation Properties

Using our Wall Panels will help to insulate you bathroom, particularly if one or more walls are externally facing and our Shower Panels can prevent damp and leaks.

Our Panels will help to retain the heat generated when in use keeping you warmer when it’s cold outside and being mold resistant you can stay warm without the fear of mold build up.

We have only touched on the many benefit you will find using Our Wall Panels and there is so much more you can achieve to improve your home and if you would like to discuss how we can help you get ‘the look’ contact us now!


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