Floors to Walls Continues to Supply the Nation With Wall Panels During Lockdown

Floors to Walls Continues to Supply the Nation With Wall Panels During Lockdown

  • Adam Wilson

It’s safe to say that the Coronavirus pandemic has impacted almost everyone’s lives in some way. Not just here, in the UK, but across the globe. Businesses have closed their doors, schools have moved to eLearning platforms, and people have been told to ‘stay at home’ or shelter in place as much as possible.

At Floors to Walls, we made an initial announcement in March about being an essential business. Therefore, we have remained operational during these uncertain times, dispatching and delivering online orders to our customers.

We couldn’t be happier to contribute to all of your quarantine DIY bathroom projects throughout this time of social distancing, and we’ll continue to supply you with all of your wall panel needs.

The Remodel You Finally Have Time For

The reality is, people have been using the bathroom for “social distancing” for years. Want to read the newspaper? Get away from the kids for a while? Where do you go?

Now, as staying at home has been the norm for quite some time, people are taking the sacred space more seriously, and that’s where Floors to Walls comes in.

Your bathroom should be a place where you feel safe, comfortable, and willing to spend 30 minutes at a time while you try to beat that level of Candy Crush on your phone that you’ve been stuck on for two years.

Now that people have more time on their hands, more home projects are finally getting the attention they need. That includes easy bathroom remodels that anyone can do with shower panels and wall panels.

Since many contractors and handymen aren’t working at the moment, DIY projects have become more popular than ever.

That’s why we offer shower panels and wall panels that are easy to install. You don’t have to have any construction or design experience in order to make your bathroom look great. You simply have to know what you want, and take the time to get it done!

Bathroom remodels can often be expensive, too, when you’re hiring someone else to do it. Tearing up tiles and redoing the walls adds up quickly! But, if this pandemic has made you more of a budget-savvy shopper, you’ll love the affordability of our wall panels, too. Give yourself a pat on the back for the money you’re saving - just don’t use it to go late-night shopping on Amazon. That’s never a wise choice.

In all seriousness, we understand how much COVID-19 has impacted individuals and businesses alike. But, we’ve also been inspired by the creativity and ingenuity of people who are “stuck” at home, making the best of the situation.

There’s no doubt these uncertain times have given everyone a new perspective on things, and that’s why we’ll continue to supply the UK with wall panels and all of your other bathroom upgrade needs. Stay creative, stay active, stay productive (especially if you’ve already binge-watched Tiger King), and make your living space a place of comfort and security! We’re happy to be just a small part of your DIY journey.


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