Sparkle Wall Panels can be used in more than just the bathroom

Sparkle Wall Panels can be used in more than just the bathroom

  • Adam Wilson

Bathrooms are predominantly a room that requires not only a larger budget for decoration and renovation but it can also be one of the trickiest rooms in the home to remodel. Many consider the bathroom as being one of the big ticket rooms in the home when it comes to property values, but actually, it isn’t the only one.

When you think of a bathroom makeover, wall panels have grown in popularity as an easy to fit and decorative way of renovating a small space. They are easy to maintain and they look incredible, but what would you say if we said that a sparkly wall panel has more use than just bathroom walls? Would you ever consider using shiny wall panels in any other room in your home? You could be missing a trick. Wall panels can work well in other areas of your home and for many good reasons. We wanted to share with you some of the other areas of the home you may redecorate or renovate and highlight exactly why you should consider a sparkle wall panel or something a little more unique than your usual preferences. Prepare to be inspired.

The kitchen

One room that you could consider using wall panels in would be the kitchen. A lot of the time, people use tiles as a way to easily maintain a kitchen space. After all, with splash back from cooking etc, it is easy to be able to spray a cleaner and wipe it all away. However, tiles can not only be a pricey option, but they can also be difficult to install. Especially if you don’t plan on replacing the whole kitchen. This is when kitchen wall panels could be an ideal option. You could choose something plain, or a sparkle wall panel to really jazz up the space. They are easy to maintain and can be wiped clean just as tiles can, and you don’t have the big issue of the grout. Whether you are choosing to renovate the whole kitchen by ripping it out completely, or just like the idea of making a few different changes to the space, wall panels could be an excellent choice and can make one small change look like the whole room has been renovated.

A children’s playroom

Let’s face it, children make a lot of mess. They can mark the walls with dirty hands, paint or pens, and they can certainly make the biggest of messes in a small space. This is why so many parents are now choosing to create a playroom for their children. A space dedicated for all of the toys, craft activities and general child’s play. But, leaving painted walls or using wallpaper means that after some time, the playroom can look a little unkempt and grubby. Through no fault of your own. Painted walls can only be wiped a few times before it starts to rub away. This is when you could consider kids room wall panels to make the space not only designer looking but also easy to maintain and clean. They are easy to install and can help you to avoid having to redecorate or feel ashamed about the room.

Other areas of the home that you may want to consider wall panels

Once you start thinking about how easy to maintain and how amazing wall panels can look in your home, you may start to realise that there are other options that you could consider. The kids playroom is one option, but what about a child’s bedroom? Your home may not have the luxury of extra space for a playroom, so your children may be spending much more time in their rooms instead. This is when you may want to think about adding wall panels as bedroom decoration instead of painted or wallpapered walls? Kids room wall panels can come in a variety of colours and designs, and so could be the perfect option to keep the space looking presentable at all times. You could also look at adding walls panels to dining areas of kitchens and even utility rooms. Often a utility room is a forgotten element of the home but a sparkle wall panel could really jazz up the space. Last of all, downstairs bathrooms and toilets as well as converted garages that have been turned into man caves or home gyms. Wall panels can be an excellent choice instead of the standard paint and wallpaper options we have grown accustomed to.

So there you have it, while using wall panels in your bathroom is a fantastic option, let’s hope this has made you realise that they could be used for other areas of your home to give many different rooms in your home that designer look.


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