Vox Kerradeco Has A Wall Panel For Every Room

Vox Kerradeco Has A Wall Panel For Every Room

  • Adam Wilson

If you are remodelling your home, it is easy to become overwhelmed by design choices. Every step of the way, you are faced with picking colour schemes, patterns, and designs for every room in the house. Although this sounds like heaven to some people, it can be highly stressful for those who don’t make decisions easily. Plus, if you don’t consider yourself an artistic person, being presented with endless choices can be more of a nightmare than a dream come true.

When choosing your wall design, some people stop at simply picking a paint colour. However, there are so many options out there for making your walls a proper statement, no matter your taste or the room you are renovating. Vox Kerradeco has an incredible selection of wall panels which are reasonably priced and are designed to last.

Wooden Panels

If you love a rustic-chic feel, wooden panelling might be your best option! These high-quality panels which range from African Wood to Rusty Loft can add a woodsy, homely vibe to your room. Vox Kerradeco provides top-quality wood which lasts a long time and makes your home comfortable and beautiful.

Concrete Panels

If you, like so many people, are catching onto the minimalist trend, concrete panels are the ones for you. Providing a chic, stripped-back feel to your home, you can emulate the stunning visuals of Japanese minimalist bliss. For those of you who are anti-clutter and want your home to be a zen space with a few key details, Vox Kerradeco concrete panels can set the tone for this dream to come to life.

Statement Art Panels

Consider a striking design in your home. If you enjoy art and design, Vox Kerradeco makes stunning wall panels that create a beautiful, eye-catching wall that adds character to your home. Adding this feature to your home takes a room from boring to unforgettable in one simple move.

Marble Panels

For a touch of elegance and class, consider marble panels for your home. Marble is a long-lasting, high-quality material which, if taken care of, will never fade, lose its colour or go out of style! For adding value to your home, marble is chic and classy - a perfect statement for a simply elegant home.

Ivory Coloured Stone

If you prefer stone but don’t wish to have grey-coloured concrete, opt for ivory coloured stone. This is a beautiful, blank slate which provides a gorgeous backdrop to any room. Adding detail with colourful furnishings or keeping everything minimal and sleek, ivory coloured stone reflects sunlight and makes your room sun-soaked and bright no matter where you live.

Final Thoughts

Whatever your taste, you can easily add a sense of stylish class to your home with a Vox Kerradeco wall panel for any room in your home. Taking your home’s decor to the next level will give you a beautiful space to live happily in for years to come.


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