How do PVC Panels compare in relation to Tiles when planning your new bathroom?

How do PVC Panels compare in relation to Tiles when planning your new bathroom?

  • Adam Wilson

Tiles undoubtedly have more variation in terms of the size and weights available for purchase.

However perhaps the most important feature of PVC wall panelling is the variety of designs. From brick effects, tiled effects, marble effects, we can source panels than can create light in a windowless environment or simply just give your bathroom that elegant feature you have always desired.

Tiles can prove to be quite fragile and relatively expensive, with the average tile from a local home improvement store priced around £2.70 (pre installation). PVC wall panels on the other hand can be installed much faster than tiles and tend to be a far cheaper and more durable option to tiles.

As well as the expense of tiles and the skill needed to lay them, they can also be quite difficult to maintain. If your bathroom is prone to condensation, which promotes the growth of mould these tiles would need cleaning a minimum of two times per week. A busy lifestyle plus a family can make tiles a time-consuming design for your bathroom.

PVC panels on the other hand are the perfect fit for a new bathroom as they’re completely 100% waterproof thus protecting all the walls from any condensation.

Yes, I hear you thinking “but tiles are also waterproof,” however the grout around each tile is a hotbed for mould and as mentioned before they would need cleaning regularly. PVC panels don’t require grout, therefore there is little chance of them becoming mouldy.

Furthermore, you can even install the PVC wall panels yourself!!

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