Virtually maintenance free bathroom wall panels

Virtually maintenance free bathroom wall panels

  • Adam Wilson

Imagine if there was a way that you could reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning your bathroom. You could finally free up your Sunday mornings to do something you enjoy, like go for a round of golf.

Unfortunately, most people don’t live in this glorious world of chore-free weekends. Scrubbing tiles and trying to remove ingrained mould in the grouting is just a part of life, like paying taxes.

The truth, though, is it doesn't have to be this way. Homeowners and businesses don’t have to put up with this state of affairs. A large chunk of individuals can eliminate the bulk of their bathroom cleaning time by changing the cladding materials that they use.

Currently, tiles are the material of choice in bathroom flooring and walls. Some bathrooms may use paint or wallpaper.

None of these cladding and covering solutions, however, is ideal. Wallpaper tends to peel in high-moisture environments. And paint tends to become stained, especially around the sink and bathtub. Tiles, therefore, seem like the only choice - at least, for those who can afford them.

Today, though, there’s a third way: PVC wall cladding.

PVC is different from run-of-the-mill cladding solutions. Not only does it provide all the things you could ever want from a material for bathroom walls, but it is cost-effective too. Decking out a bathroom with plastic is way cheaper than alternative methods - with the possible exception of paint.

The benefits of PVC, therefore, are considerable. People who choose this type of cladding can look forward to all sorts of benefits that their tile-using peers cannot, such as keeping their Sunday mornings free.

But, naturally, there are also concerns. People typically associated plastic with “cheap and nasty.” And so the idea of using it to cover the walls of a bathroom seems like a non-starter.

There is, however, a massive difference between perception and reality here. While the notion of covering your bathroom walls and floors in plastic might seem like a dystopian nightmare, it is much more attractive than you think.

When we talk about PVC cladding, we’re not referring to something that looks like 1970s vinyl. Today, it is difficult to tell the difference between faux-plastic products and the materials that they seek to emulate. A “tiled” PVC wall looks very similar to the real thing. So similar that you may struggle to tell the difference unless you touch it.

The reason for this happy situation comes down to R&D. Companies in the bathroom wall cladding industry have spent considerable effort refining their production processes and designs. You can now get plastic wall coverings in a variety of styles that look just like the real thing.

The benefits of choosing PVC panelling are extraordinary. Not only does it cost less than the majority of substitute products, but it also provides a host of additional benefits.

The first is that it is easier to clean - somewhat of a holy grail for bathroom products. You don’t have to spend hours of your precious free time scrubbing to remove every last speck of mould from the grouting. Plastic does not harbour growth.

Second, PVC cladding is much more pleasant to the touch than tiles. Unlike ceramics, it remains subtly warm to the touch, giving your bathroom a cosier and less clinical feel. It actually encourages you to spend more time in there, which is nice.

PVC cladding is also much easier to install than regular tiles. You don’t have to pay a skilled labourer days worth of wages to get the job done, piece by piece. PVC cladding arrives in sheets, allowing builders to cover a vast area in a short space of time.

It’s also worth noting that dirt does not become ingrained in PVC, as it does with paint. The plastic creates an impermeable barrier to everything, including hair dyes, insects and rot. Thus, you can install this stuff and then leave it for years without seeing any degradation at all.

PVC cladding, therefore, looks set to transform the bathroom renovation market for both homes and businesses. Here we have a product that seems to offer nothing but benefits and has relatively few downsides. Okay - it is not identical to regular tiles. But for many homeowners, the advantages will be so overwhelming that they cannot refuse them. The cost will be a significant factor, but so too will be the ease of installation. Work usually only takes a couple of days, sometimes less.

So, are you interested in PVC bathroom wall panels?


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