Ideas for Slat Panels

Ideas for Slat Panels

  • Ellie Stirk

Feature Wall

The accent wall is no longer as popular when it comes to more conventional wall panelling options, such like our Slat Panels. The slatted wall appearance, however, is best used lightly.

Think about how slats can be used as a feature element to define, zone, and organise the arrangement of your home because too much texture and colour can be distracting.

Slats can be used to cover an entire area of your home, making it appear more integrated into the structure of your house and less like a distinct, individual finish. These are the designs that make the best use of slatted walls.

For a Secret door

Slatted walls are particularly useful for hidden door concepts because of their nature. These are especially helpful in compact rooms when having too many doors may give the impression that you are living in a hallway and where you want to maintain a sleek, contemporary appearance.

It can be used to conceal areas like ensuite bathrooms, cloak rooms, pantries, and closets that lead off from bigger spaces, and in the best uses, the only visible indication that your camouflaged door is there is a discrete vertical line above.

Kitchen Appliances

Slatted walls can also be used to conceal integrated equipment with a little know-how.

You could design a kitchen with the island as the focal point, and a line of top-lit cabinets with a roof-light spanning the length of the cabinetry would make the space come to life. You might make sure the other kitchen appliances were hidden to make it less evident there is a fridge or larder in order to establish this main point.

Mixed Slat with other Panels

It's not necessary to utilise slats as the only type of panelling or texture in a room; in fact, slats are frequently employed in modest doses to provide more texture to designs.

Consider using our grey slat wall, which offers a cool relief against a warm panel colour and adds intrigue through asymmetry, while using our walnut slats elsewhere in the design to contrast with contemporary matte black finishes.

Slat in the dining room

The vertical wood slat wall in this minimalist Scandinavian eat-in kitchen contrasts with the room's colder elements, such as the steel prep-kitchen-style island and the concrete floors, and offers a discreet sense of warmth. The additional textured feature warms up the room without detracting from the home's austere design.

Black Slat surrounding a Fireplace

The built-in fireplace that surrounds our black wood slats serves as the room's focal point in this contemporary living space. Although the feature is undeniably dramatic, the white walls and jute rug contrast it wonderfully to complete the room's modern appearance.


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