Shower and Bathroom Panels

Shower and Bathroom Panels

  • Ellie Stirk

White Sparkle

The White Sparkle Shower Panel is one of our top sellers to date. There is no better way to add some shine to your bathroom than with this! These robust bathroom cladding panels are ideal for shower stalls and bath spaces. When you can have these, why spend money on conventional tiles? You won't waste any money, and you're obtaining something that will completely transform the appearance of your bathroom.

Our shower panels are stylish, hassle-free, and reasonably priced. These are ideal for you whether you're a homeowner, need to upgrade your vacation rental property, or need to make your apartment a little more liveable for tenants. Additionally, these panels have been tested! Because of their toughness, roughness, and tongue and groove construction, leaks are not a concern. Not to mention that our White Sparkle Shower Panel is environmentally friendly. We're here to demonstrate that remodelling bathrooms doesn't have to be wasteful. Even if you relocate, these can be used repeatedly for years. Thus, you can enjoy a stunning modern bathroom for a very long time.

Dark Stone

Our Large Dark Stone Grey panels feature a printed appearance that evokes the effect of genuine stone. Even though stone tiles can be pricey, you don't have to break the bank to achieve the aesthetic. These extend from the floor's base to the ceiling's peak. This implies that they will appear to be entirely entrenched into your wall. Although they seem perfectly smooth to the touch, the design effect gives the impression that it is 3D. This is ideal if you want to give your bathroom a moodier atmosphere or if you want to display a more holistic design there. Your bathroom will undoubtedly feel like a retreat.


The Large Milano, the newest addition to our collection of more than 20 waterproof shower panels, is already a top option among our customers. This waterproof shower panels marble look will instantly elevate your bathroom. You have found the ideal item if you want something classy and worthy of a magazine. The superb toned matte finish is not only modern, but the grainy appearance truly makes the marble look pop. It's ideal for designing a chic bathroom that will make your visitors envious.

London Tile

With our best selling, achieve the London aesthetic. Not only is this high-end waterproof shower panel attractive, but it is also reasonably priced. You may have this instead of spending hundreds, if not thousands, on dull bathroom tiles. It gives the brick tile a more contemporary look with the white gloss panels.

Also, the grey grout line appears very realistic despite being entirely smooth to the touch. Each of our waterproof shower panels is quick and simple to install, and they are all environmentally friendly. We use recyclable materials, and since you can take them with you when you move, you'll have a gorgeous bathroom no matter where you end up.


Elegant yet simplistic. The Hexham Tile Effect Panels are a perfect choice for your bathroom. One of our newest items is already proving to be a big hit with our clients. It's easy to fall in love with this because of the genuine grout lines (without the grout), the light texture, and the dark grey tones. Additionally, these robust panels can be the ideal complement to your bathroom.

The Hexham Tile Effect provides you the visual of modern tiles without all the effort and worry, whether you're going for a more dark vibe or something more contemporary.


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