Inexpensive Ideas To Build Your Dream Bathroom

Inexpensive Ideas To Build Your Dream Bathroom

  • Adam Wilson

Thanks to the magic of modern technology and a little industry know-how, doing up your bathroom is probably a lot more affordable than you might think. You don’t have to drop thousands of pounds on expensive tiles or bespoke fittings: you can get a similar effect for a fraction of the price. But how?

The following are some inexpensive ideas to help you build your dream bathroom.

Give Old Fixtures A New Lease Of Life

Replacing old fixtures wholesale is a surefire way to increase the overall renovation cost of your bathroom. Individual fittings can easily cost three-figures or more. But do you have to splash out and buy everything new?

An old trick is to leave old fittings in place but to reinvigorate them with a lick of paint. Paint is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve the appearance of features in your bathroom, covering up dull sections and stains, bringing a sense of vibrancy back to the space.

Use Mold-Resistant Paint

Remember, if you’re going to paint in the bathroom, it’s prudent to choose mould-resistant paint. Mould-resistant paint helps to keep you and your family safe and protect them from respiratory problems associated with mould buildup and exposure.

Leave The Plumbing In Place

If you want to do any plumbing work, you have to hire a plumber, and they don’t come cheap — most charge by the hour.

Unless you absolutely must change the layout of your bathroom, one of the best ways to save on costs is to leave the plumbing where it is and just work around it. You can add all new fittings, like sinks, toilets and bathtubs, allowing you to dramatically upgrade your bathroom without having to pull out old pipes or connect new ones.

Use Cheap Materials

Although you might turn your nose up at the idea of using cheap materials to create a bathroom of your dreams, they could be your ticket for doing so within budget. It’s worth pointing out that “cheap” doesn’t necessarily mean “not stylish.” Many of today’s cheaper bathroom materials are now so convincing that you have to look closely to realize that they are not the real thing.

Vinyl, for instance, used to be a real faux-pas in the bathroom. But technology has moved on considerably, and you can buy all sorts of products which mimic desirable flooring, such as hardwood and tiles. Some types of vinyl come with textured and raised sections to emulate real wood.

Plastic cladding has also come on a long way, providing a more affordable option for tiles. It's cheaper to put up and just as fire-resistant.

Choose Green Options

Finally, your dream bathroom might not just be something that looks beautiful, but that also comes with green credentials. Green features, like low-water usage showers, not only help you save on costs in the long run but also help to protect the environment by preserving freshwater supplies.


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