List of bathroom ideas

List of bathroom ideas

  • Ellie Stirk

Decorating your bathroom can be as complicated or as simple as you like it. Generally people who seek to redo their bathrooms have different things in mind. Do you want to rip out old faucets and pipes and replace them? If so, you’ll likely need professional help. But if you’re just looking to give your bathroom a facelift, we’re here to help inspire you with smart bathroom decor updates.

it’s a good idea to understand the core elements of your bathroom and decide which ones need updating and which ones can stay as-is. Here’s a list of the typical primary elements to any bathroom:

There are many lightweight and easy decorations that will give your bathroom a fresh look.

These updates are great for updating your bathroom on a budget. A few upgrades and changes here and there can go a long way. You can remodel your bathroom without spending a fortune!

Transitional bathrooms gracefully walk the line between traditional and contemporary, with just enough detailing to please folks in both design camps. While elements of traditional and contemporary styles are both present, transitional bathrooms don’t veer far in either direction. Whether you opt for cool or warm hues, the colours in a transitional bathroom tend to be soft and subtle. For a richer look, consider blue, brown, grey or wood tones.

Modern bathrooms are sleek and streamlined, emphasising strong horizontal lines. Clean, flourish-free details keep the focus on the architecture. The focus of a modern-style bathroom is on the architecture, which means the colour palette tends toward crisp, clean white, subtle neutrals and black. Pops of colour show up in the form of accessories such as bath towels and plants.

Contemporary bathrooms fully embrace the latest in technology, materials and trends for an of-the-moment look with clean lines and minimal adornment. Contemporary bathrooms can (and do) break the rules, but as a whole they stay away from heavy embellishments and traditional shapes. A black-and-white palette is a popular choice in contemporary bathrooms, although any high-contrast colour combination can work.

Traditional bathrooms are timeless, comfortable and refined, with gleaming surfaces and high-end materials. Unlike minimalist modern bathrooms or trend-conscious contemporary bathrooms, traditional bathrooms favour a healthy amount of decorative detail and classic elegance. The colours in traditional bathrooms tend to be soft and relaxing. Subtle neutrals and pale shades of blue and green work well, or consider deeper shades of blue, brown, grey and wood tones for a richer look.

Rustic bathrooms embrace the natural beauty of the outdoors, pairing rugged materials with warm, cosy textiles to create a welcoming space. Today’s interpretation of the look can lean more (or less) contemporary depending on your personal design sensibility. Rustic-style bathrooms echo the hues of natural materials such as stone and warm woods with paint colours and accents in similar shades, for a rich, cosy look.

Craftsman bathrooms spotlight the simple beauty of natural wood and quality workmanship within a warm, cosy atmosphere. Craftsman-style bathrooms are natural yet refined, and simple without being fully minimalist. Craftsman-style bathrooms feature rich earth tones, vibrant greens and warm neutrals that coordinate well with natural wood.


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