Why incorporate wooden wall panelling in your home

Why incorporate wooden wall panelling in your home

  • Ellie Stirk

Wood’s indelible homey feeling lies in its depth and warmth. Whether a thick, dark, and maroon mahogany or a fair, sandy maple, wood’s brown tones are pleasantly warm because they have an earthiness to them. By incorporating carved wood panels in your home, you engage with the natural world in a way paint and plaster don’t allow. There’s an intrinsic comfort in surrounding yourself with signs of life, and the grooves of a tree’s growth that shine through give you this organic quality.

Additionally, you aren’t stuck with the same shades forever. Wood is highly adaptable, you can apply many different shades and finishes to play with colour throughout the long life of your wood panelling.

Applying wood panelling usually means installing long, thin panels. Though you may presume all panelling looks the same, how panels adhere to one another and form a wall drastically affects the overall look.

The primary importance is wood’s temperature insulation. Installing wood-panelled walls keeps your air conditioning indoors during the summer and your heat from escaping in the winter. As a result, wooden walls can save you a lot of money over time.

Second, wood is a quality sound insulator. Because it’s more porous than some smoother surfaces, it traps and dampens reverberating tones that could make a room sound odd. If you’re also building out a room with an ear towards the acoustics, wood is a logical route for you.

One of the reasons that most people cite is that wooden wall panelling offers a totally different look to a feature wall that’s simply painted. For sure, a feature wallpaper can add decoration, but if it’s a wall that’s prone to traffic then there’s no disguising any nicks or scuffs on the surface.

With wooden wall panelling you can also choose a finish which coordinates with the rest of the interior woods in the room such as internal doors, skirting and even flooring, allowing the new wall panelling to seamlessly blend into the overall scheme of the room.

Wooden wall panelling also allows you to quickly update the overall appearance of the space too. A refresh of accessories such as cushions or throws in a new accent colour and the room is quickly transformed.

They also require low maintenance. Once installed, apart from wiping the surface of the wood panels with a soft damp cloth, there is no further upkeep required. In fact, where there is a heavy flow of traffic, our Reclaimed range is ideal for disguising the odd knock or bump to its surface.

Wood slat wall panels are one of the best home decorative tools as it is very inexpensive. If you’re on a budget but want to achieve a brand new look, install wood panels. However, it is crucial that you’re satisfied with the panels before making the final purchase. By taking this precaution, you save yourself money and headache having to deal with an ‘ugly’ wall.

Wood panelling is an excellent cost-effective method for improving your home’s interior decor. To further enhance your panels, install mirrors and other adornments to give your space an elegant, modern look. If you aren’t the creative type and need ideas on how to decorate your space, explore the internet and find out how other homeowners are using their wood panels.


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