Panels in home

Panels in home

  • Ellie Stirk

So, you want to spice up your house with panels but you're not sure which rooms they would look good in? Well I've got you covered.

Wall panelling has picked up momentum recently, with Instagram users sharing their wall panelling transformations across the home, especially in the hallway, bedroom, living room and bathroom.

Wall panelling can come in a few different forms, so it's really important to do your research and choose the style you think will best suit your home.

But don't be put off if you've never done it before: with a little know-how, you can make decorative wall panels easily and quickly, with great results. So with this in mind, let's look at some ideas.

You can extend your wall panelling along a ceiling by using rustic planks of wood attached to the wall behind her bed, you can continue the panels onto and along the ceiling too, for a cosy, canopy style feature. This daring technique would work well in a room lacking any architectural features, and for a bed without a headboard.

You can use wall panelling to frame artwork up around the house. You can do this by adding wooden moulding to your walls and this will create the look of panelling, and is quick and easy to do. Simply measure out rectangles at even distances along your wall and then cut lengths of moulding to stick on to the drawn out shapes. Make sure you cut your moulding at a 45 degree angle so the corners slot nicely together, and paint the same colour as your wall. Hang a canvas or piece of artwork in the centre of one of the rectangles and it will create a frame for it to sit within.

One of the most common designs with panels is the modern rustic look with acoustic wood veneers. For modern styling personified in every way, choose a striking wood strip decorative panel in a light or rich and dark hue for a dramatic dance with tactility. This on-trend wall panelling style is a key look for 2022.

Do you wanna make a wall standout in a room? Mixing ornate ribbed and portrait panels makes the walls stand out. Perfect for spaces where you literally want to feel as if they're closing in on you, for a cosy cocooning feel. Paint it dark grey, emerald green or navy – all on trend right now.

For people with small rooms, don't worry we have you covered! Vertical panelling gives the illusion of added height, horizontal panels widen a room, making them a great choice for small spaces.

For people with box rooms, don't worry we also have you covered! By adding a simple strip wood panel, you can give a box room a new lease of life!. Using lengths of MDF and attaching to the wall with a strong adhesive, you can use the offcuts to create an abstract pattern to the wall beside it too.

The best thing with using panels in different rooms is that you get to let your creative side run free due to the wide range of designs, colours and uses. Using panels in homes can simply add that extra bit of life to a room.


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