Shower Panels For Walls

Shower Panels For Walls

  • Adam Wilson

Perhaps, you recently moved into a new house and are looking to upgrade parts of the home to conform with modern times. Indeed, you have every right to do so as long as you seek professional help regarding what you can and cannot do. The bathroom is one area many Brits look forward to improving, and one way to do so is by using shower panels for walls. There are many benefits to using these tools and below are a few of them.

Panels Are The Future Of Bathrooms

Futuristic bathrooms are expected to be low maintenance, durable, and visually pleasing at the same time. This is what modern shower panels seek to offer homes that opt for them. Design, the use of innovative technology, and a spa appeal are things futuristic bathrooms readily make available in the 21st-century. So, if you have an eye out for the future and the promise it holds for homes, you can start with the bathroom upgrade.

There is the belief that the future will streamline chores and make things easier than they are today. With a cursory look at these shower panels for walls, it is not far-fetched to say that the low maintenance mentioned above has everything to do with easy cleaning. Today, people have little time for themselves and, by extension, may not want to spend too much time tidying up the bathroom. If you are like most people, all you want to do is take a shower and exit unless they are having some me-time in there.

Additionally, shower panels for walls are designed to attend to the personalised needs of family members. You cannot ignore the beauty of seamless lines, hidden edges, and a bathroom that looks like something you would usually see in a luxury magazine.

Positive Impact On Energy Costs

When was the last time you lamented over high energy bills, and why did they never seem to give you some breathing space? If you have done this recently, you're not alone. However, your home's high energy consumption rate cannot resolve independently. It takes your attention to detail and proactive measures to get results. You can start by getting energy-efficient shower panels for your bathroom. If you haven't heard, the craze about them is largely due to the positive impact on energy costs.

So, when it's the cold months, you wouldn't lose so much heat in the bathroom compared to what cold hard tiles usually give away. From observation, you will realise that these shower panels are about 8 –10mm thick, which probably explains the mechanism behind their heat and warmth retention.

Resistant To Wear And Tear

The reason people usually stick to quality products is the resistance to deterioration. It makes so much sense to invest in a product you are sure can withstand the test of time. More importantly, you can be sure that you will be getting your money's worth. This is what you can get from your modern shower panels for walls. Considering that surfaces continually exposed to water deteriorate quicker, it is easy to assume that shower panels for walls may do the same. Fortunately, the exact opposite is what happens.

No amount of cleaning will result in permanent lines or scratches on the panels. Additionally, because they are waterproof, shower panels' self-drying feature is welcome in many homes. It wouldn't be a bad idea to try these panels yourself to confirm the veracity of manufacturers' claims.

Easy To Change Or Remove

If you ever grow tired of an old set of shower panels in your bathroom, it's worth knowing that they are comparatively easy to remove. With a putty knife, all it takes is to get hold of a one-panel corner and pry it out. You can hold the edges with your fingers or a pair of pliers as you remove the panels from the bathroom wall. Indeed, compared to tiles, this is far easier to deal with without stress and excessive force.

On the other hand, if your old shower panel is a single large piece, you may need a different strategy to remove it. While breaking up a large single shower panel into pieces makes sense, you may want to grab an angle grinder to simplify the process.

New shower panel designs are manufactured all the time, so it's understandable why you want to change the overall look of your bathroom. When you do, perhaps you can convince friends and family to upgrade their bathrooms too.


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