Five Reasons Why Shower Panels Are The Perfect Bathroom Upgrade For Lazy Homeowners

Five Reasons Why Shower Panels Are The Perfect Bathroom Upgrade For Lazy Homeowners

  • Adam Wilson

Whether you’re a lazy homeowner or just a savvy one that prefers a convenient solution, making smarter choices in relation to your bathroom upgrades should always be a priority. As far as wall decor is concerned, modern shower panels are the perfect solution.

For starters, our extensive range of shower panels enables you to find the perfect look for your bathroom with ease. However, the aesthetics aren’t the only reason to love shower panels. Here are five more.

Shower panels are guaranteed to bolster the bathroom

As a homeowner, you want to quickly find a product that will add value to the property as well as your daily life. An upgraded bathroom can deliver an average price increase of up to 5%. Shower panels let you tap into this in a cost-effective manner.

The ultra-stylish designs and materials are guaranteed to unlock the results you crave, meaning you can make a quick decision on which design to use based solely on your tastes.

Shower panels are suited to every look

Thanks to the aforementioned extensive range of shower panels, all homeowners can find their perfect bathroom wall panels with ease. From large tile effects to sparkling shower panels, you can find designs that replicate the look of many different materials.

As well as the perfect colours and materials, you can be sure that your shower panels will provide a consistent look - unlike the slight contrasts when using multiple boxes of tiles.

Shower panels are easily installed

Whether upgrading the bathroom through the DIY route or with help from a professional, you won’t want to choose a lengthy process that leaves you unable to use the bathroom for days or weeks. Choosing shower panels allows you to complete the process in one day.

As this guide to installing shower panels shows, the key is to carefully prepare. When the wall panels are measured and ready to go, the installation should be simple.

Shower panels are easily maintained

The bathroom is one of the busiest rooms in the home and can also attract a lot of damage due to moisture, dirt, and other materials. Shower panel walls are a lot easier to clean than many other materials, including natural items and tiles, which makes a huge difference.

Better still they are 100% waterproof and fire-resistant, making it very easy to keep the panels in great health. In turn, you can spend more time actively enjoying the bathroom.

Shower panels last years

Finally, nobody wants to complete a bathroom upgrade that needs replacing in a year or two. PVC shower panels are built to last for up to 25 years, ensuring that your bathroom will continue to sparkle until the interior design trends evolve or you’re ready to sell the property.

This means added value for money and greater peace of mind as you’ll know that the bathroom won’t need redecorating for many years to come. Perfect.


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