Slat Wall in the Workplace

Slat Wall in the Workplace

  • Ellie Stirk

During the last couple of years, we've all had to adjust to a new way of living and, indeed, a new way of working. Some office workers are still working from home, relocating their office desk from their workplace to a spare table or breakfast bar in their

Now that we have been welcoming back our colleagues into the office, it would be a great time to bring some change into the boring office.

Slat Wall Panels in an office brings life to the workplace. Creating a relaxed and cosy environment for yourself and your colleagues.

Similarly, an accounting or law firm must project a professional image, complete with pleasant and refined office design. It must convey the concept of best practice while remaining approachable.

After all, a client may be asked to reveal or share confidential information, because certain discussions are private, acoustic insulation, such as wooden wall panelling, may be beneficial.

It has been demonstrated that our wooden slat wall absorbs sound. Sound waves are refracted when they strike the felt, resulting in a sound deadening effect. In places with a lot of flat surfaces, such as drywall or tiles, our wooden slat wall will make a considerable difference.

As a consequence, the wooden slat wall offers both functional and cosmetic advantages that will excite and surprise guests and visitors in private homes and a range of organisations. Many offices, meeting rooms, cafes, restaurants, and enterprises will benefit from this visually appealing sound absorption solution.

The engineered lines of wood slat wall panels provide a trendy, yet orderly feel to the surface of a wall, and it also provides acoustic insulation, which will only help to soundproof an office space or boardroom. Each wall cladding panel has a fixed width and is made up of many thin strips that are attached to a felt like backing. The backing, which is made of recycled plastic bottles, provides sound insulation characteristics.

Turning your outdated office into a modern workplace will allow your colleagues to enjoy the bright cosy feel coming into work or welcome your visitors into your office with a clean fresh feel.


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