How to Make Grey Stand Out?

How to Make Grey Stand Out?

  • Ellie Stirk

Designing a new bathroom in your home is a challenging but fascinating endeavour that necessitates a number of major and minor considerations. There's a lot to accomplish, from selecting bathroom furnishings and decorations to choosing the best wall colour . If you want a sleek, contemporary design for your bathroom, cool greys in your fixtures or wall colour are a tried and true favourite that never goes out of style.

If you're searching for grey bathroom furniture to update your present decor, grey wall or ceiling panels to complement your bathroom or you're taking things a step further and want to completely refresh your bathroom.

If you want to attain a modern, contemporary aesthetic, Floors to Walls has a variety of panels that have a sleek, modern appearance and are suitable for almost any bathroom. Modern bathrooms frequently include faded walls with mild colorways, as well as square and compact - looking cabinets that provide an effortless finish to the area and offer a minimalist appearance.

Our Vox Motivo graphite tile effect panels are a terrific modern - traditional option if you want to include larger tile possibilities in your grey bathroom décor, or if you need a variety of tile sizes to create a statement on your bathroom walls. These massive panels feature a washed marble design and are dark grey with bright white accents. The cladding is a very practical addition to your bathroom that is simple to install and clean.

If you have a larger bathroom and want a more modern look, use different, contrasting panels in the same bathroom to achieve the effect shown above. The effect of the Chevron mineral chromite panels helps to lift the furniture behind it and offer an even, expansive aspect while adding interest with a textured finish. These flexible panels can also be used as a full system, however we would only recommend this design approach if your bathroom gets enough natural light to avoid appearing dark.


A grey shower tray with a slate look finish is a good substitute for a traditional white tray. The Milano light grey slate appearance shower trays are great for giving your bathroom a natural feel and a touch of spa - like charm. They come in a range of forms and sizes to accommodate any space. They are only 30mm high for a sleek, streamlined appearance and weigh 50% less than a standard stone resin tray, allowing for a faster and safer installation. If you prefer a darker tone, the graphite slate appearance trays are an excellent choice. All of them employ SMC (sheet moulding compound), which is a ready - to - mould glass - fibre reinforced polyester. As a result, the design is both lightweight and extremely sturdy.


Heated towel rails in anthracite or dark grey would look great in any grey bathroom. They look wonderful as an alternative to chrome or white. BigBathroomShop has a large assortment of heated towel rails in anthracite. They are available in a number of shapes and sizes, each of which gives a stylish and functional solution for keeping your towels warm. Electric heated towel rails are also available, allowing you to have warm, dry towels all year without having to use the central heating system. In addition to a heated towel rail, you may want to consider installing underfloor heating to make your bathroom warm and inviting throughout the cold winter months.

Make a Colour Pop

Dark grey can be soothing, making it ideal for creating a relaxing environment; however, why not add a pop of colour, such as yellow or pink, to make it stand out even more?

A bright accent colour stands out against the dark grey and may be easily incorporated into the bathroom through towels, bath mats, artwork, and accessories. Grey complimentary colours include:

  • Navy
  • Teal
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • White
  • Coral

Marble Effect

Dark grey can be overpowering when paired with basic white fixtures, so pair it with grey marble for a more subtle look. If real marble is beyond your price bracket, consider our Grey Marble.


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