Transform your home for less using a single Slat Wall panel

Transform your home for less using a single Slat Wall panel

  • Ellie Stirk

A single Slat Wall panel is all that is needed to instantly change the look of your living space. Using wooden wall panelling to provide texture and appeal to any location or design. Check out some simple ways to revitalise your interiors while saving time and money.

With ease and simplicity, our Slat Wall panels are meant to bring a touch of elegance to your house. However, you don't always have to cover a whole wall with wood panelling to make a statement. There is so much you can accomplish with a single panel to bring your ideas to life while saving time and money. All you have to do is decide on a colour and where you want the panel to go. Apply to your wall with grab adhesive on the back of the felt and your room is transformed in an instant.

Sometimes a wall needs something, but you're not sure what it is. To create visual appeal and tactile variation, the best option is to always incorporate texture into your interior design. Texture is vital in making a room feel more welcoming and polished. It is simple to layer various decorative pieces from floor to ceiling. Texture can be added simply by switching from Satin to Matte paint finishes or by putting rugs on hardwood flooring. You may already have shelving, artwork, or wallpaper on your walls as décor, however wooden wall panels can add a tactile layer.

Make the most of small, overlooked spaces by converting them into something useful. It could be an extra living room space that has to be filled. Lay down a rug, a large plant,and a comfortable chair of your choice to create a reading nook. Putting a Slat Panel behind a television or adding artwork on it helps it stand out.

Our customers frequently get imaginative with their Slat Wall panels, creating personalised headboards or one - of - a - kind feature walls. One of the most typical applications is to show a television in the living room. All of these classic Slat Wall design concepts are fantastic choices that can easily be converted to a one - panel arrangement. Even with a single panel , the options for creating a headboard are endless. To increase noticeable height to your walls, apply to your wall horizontally, in line with the top of your current bedframe, or vertically. These suggestions for adding a single Slat Wall panel are excellent for maintaining within your budget while still producing something beautiful and distinctive to you. Wood wall panelling may be used in an infinite number of ways, and the modern SlatWall design will further enhance your design trends and colour schemes. You can help yourself save money and time on decorating by using a single panel. As the autumn and winter months approach, you will have more time and money to appreciate your property.

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