Seven Shades Of Bathroom Colours

Seven Shades Of Bathroom Colours

  • Ellie Stirk

Choosing the correct colour for the walls is one of the most enjoyable aspects of decorating any house. Choosing the perfect colour choices for your bathroom, on the other hand, might be a difficult option. Especially when there are so many alternatives and the additional complexity of matching tiles to the wall colour. If you're seeking bathroom colour schemes ideas, you've come to the right spot.

We've covered some of the best bathroom colour schemes that are currently popular. There are many gorgeous colour possibilities that you may not have considered, ranging from classic white to breathtaking copper tones. Here are some of the best colour schemes that we love and think you will as well.


White can be used to create a trendy monochrome bathroom by incorporating it throughout the surfaces and tiles. This bathroom design style is popular right now and has long been a classic. You will have your own stunning bathroom design, complete with modern equipment such as a corner shower stall with a rain fall style head and a black vanity unit.

White is a fresh, clean, and complementing colour that works well in all bathroom shapes and sizes. Even if you only need a colour scheme for a small bathroom, white is an excellent option. One advantage of using white as a colour palette is that the neutral tones may be matched with any type of furniture.

This straightforward bathroom colour can really increase the amount of light in the space, making it appear larger. In addition to generating the idea of more space, a white bathroom may be accessorised in a variety of ways. Natural woods can be used to complement the white colour scheme, while matte black accents can make a bold statement.

If you want to have complete control over your furnishings and accessories, white is an excellent choice. Even if you stick to traditional white, there will be lots of ways to make your bathroom design stand out, from bath mats to tiles.


While a black colour scheme may not be the ideal choice for a small bathroom, it can work well in a larger bathroom. A black freestanding bath may provide a lovely and distinctive touch to any bathroom colour scheme, especially when paired with monochromatic tiles.

A statement black sink may help tie together your darker bathroom colours, especially if you also use whites and grey tones. Grey bathrooms are more visually appealing when black accents, such as a shower head and faucets, are used.


Green may not even be your first choice for a bathroom, however green colours are extremely popular in interior design. Green should be explored if you want to create a unique bathroom colour scheme, and there are many different hues to choose from. On the colour wheel, there are many lovely greens to choose from, ranging from pastel green sinks to dark forest green walls.


Neutral does not have to be boring, as proven by so many beautiful bathroom colour choices. Neutral bathroom paint can transform any shower space, whether you choose warm beige tones or an earthy brown wall. Neutral bathroom colours also give your bathroom walls a clean look, allowing you to focus on details like the vanity unit and other bathroom accessories.


Copper tones can be used to accent any monochromatic bathroom. These colours work well in a home with white and black walls, creating a lovely colour scheme overall. Copper colour palettes work well in red - bricked or industrial - themed bathrooms.

Displaying plumbing pipes is one of the simplest ways to use copper in the bathroom. While exposed copper plumbing isn't for everyone, it does offer a unique look. Copper piping also complements a wide range of bathroom colour schemes, including classic white and darker hues such as grey, black, and red. Copper piping could be an eye - catching addition to any bathroom colour scheme.


A grey bathroom might be a fantastic choice if you want to make a bold statement. A grey colour combination is not only eye - catching, but it may also be elegant. When it comes to painting a grey bathroom, darker and lighter shades of grey will have different impacts , and choosing the right bathroom tiles may round off the look.

Grey tones are currently fashionable in interior design and may be seen in many high - end bathroom goods. Rather than painting the bathroom walls grey, why you replace them with a magnificent grey free - standing bath? Each colour, from duck egg blue to darker slate, has its own distinct look.


If you would like to create a conventional oceanic mood, use blue in conjunction with white. Blue is a common bathroom tint because it evokes the picture of water and can inspire relaxation. There are numerous methods to create a blue bathroom. You might opt with turquoise tiles or a white bathroom with darker blue furnishings.

Many modern bathroom designs include blue in unique ways. A dark blue feature wall, or a blue intricate art deco wallpaper, can be constructed. So, whatever colour you end up choosing, I hope you enjoy it. You can't go wrong with the suggestions above, but if you decide to go wild, please let us know and share any images you have.

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