A Panel In The Kitchen

A Panel In The Kitchen

  • Ellie Stirk

Looking for inspiration for kitchen wall panelling? You've arrived at the right place. We at Floors To Walls adore wall panels for their ease of installation and cleaning. That is why they are ideal for use in the kitchen.

I enjoy cooking and,unfortunately, I am a messy cook; who isn't?

I fell in love with wall panels when I first saw them. They are inexpensive, simple to clean, and stylish

So, whether you want to install an entire wall or just a few panels for splashback behind the oven. We have a guide for you. Do you get the impression that the style of your home does not correspond to your ideal template? Or that the interior décor of a specific area is just a tad off, and that a short aesthetic modification may completely transform the space?

With Vox Vilo Wall Panels, you can significantly remodel your entire home from top to bottom, or simply add a little flair to a specific room, with no worry and work, and at a reasonable price range.

Panelling is a fresh take on the traditional tile splashback. Choose a heat - resistant and waterproof design that is easy to clean and maintain, just like you would for any other backsplash. Tongue - and - groove boards are the most durable and easiest to install, making them ideal for a kitchen splashback.

Our VOX collection is ideal for a hot kitchen; here are a few of my favourites.


A wood look pattern can be used to brighten up a kitchen. If your kitchen cabinets are white, this looks great. If you desire a contrast, it would look great with darker cabinets.


Bring the outside in. If you enjoy a rugged look with a splash of colour, this is a great choice for a studio apartment.


This is the one for you if you like grey with a hint of patterning; it looks well with white. Making your kitchen look beautiful and trendy.


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