The Benefits Of Using Wood Effect Slat Wall Panels

The Benefits Of Using Wood Effect Slat Wall Panels

  • Adam Wilson

Looking for a change in the home? Or want to bring an office space back to life? Then we would like to give you some reasons to choose Slat Walls.

Wood Effect Slat Wall Panels… What are they?

They are strips of sustainable forestry materials formed together to create a textured modern looking wall. Many colours and a variety of materials from Natural Oak to Walnut and Grey to Black.

The Slat Panels are 100% waterproof, easy to clean and maintain and easy to install if you like to do it yourself.

The panels are fitted onto a felt panel which is manufactured from recycled plastics. This felt panel weakens sounds to not be as intense in louder environments.

Improve the look of a room.

It allows you to fill in space and make your interior come to life.

Modernise the atmosphere of a room, allowing you to match your interior or flooring or adding a contrast. Adding either a panel to a small part of a wall or corner to filling a whole area

Free samples available which can be ordered when viewing your chosen style or if you are still deciding on which colour to choose then you can pick up to 5 colours to be sent to you -

Improve the sound of an entire room.

Stop the echoing and improve the way you hear, most effective at lower tones 300 Hz and higher 2000Hz.

Slat wall panels are sound dampening and removes reverberation within the room, which drastically improves the acoustics; and will dramatically reach the highest sound rating possible.

Class A with a 40mm air gap between each panel, would be more suitable for lower pitches, such as a deeper voice and bass.

Installation made easy.

Slat Panels can easily be cut to size of any space, where you would mark the panel placement then add adhesive to the wall where you can then place the panel against the wall.

Please the eyes of your visitors or guests.

Seeing the images of the slat wall panels in the real world do make my eyes happy, from the pleasing look of matching to the interior of their homes or from the contrasts in which people create. Making their room pop with colour.

Apart from making the eyes happy, it makes the wallet happy too. Allowing it to be affordable for people who want to make their home or workplace feel modern and elegant.

If you are looking to freshen up a room or improve the sound of the acoustics, we think slat panels would be beneficial to you.

Still deciding how to make your room have a different feel or just to make it more cosy, then order your free samples and tell us what you think by phoning us on 0191 389 6636 or you can email us at

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