Cover Up Outdated Tiles For A Fresh New Look

Cover Up Outdated Tiles For A Fresh New Look

  • Adam Wilson

Removing tiles from a bathroom can be a long process and challenging. We get asked if you can cover up tiles with wall panels and the answer is yes you can. You can change the look of an outdated bathroom or kitchen yourself or with some help if needed.

The most popular and easiest way would be installing wall panels, which are waterproof, easy to clean, and to maintain. Easily covering up unwanted and outdated tiles, this solution will update a room which will make it to your unique taste.

So if you are looking for a do-it-yourself job with the most cost-effective solution, then we would recommend wall panels.

And we are here to help you do it yourself.

So how do you cover up tiles?

As our wall panels are waterproof, you can install them anywhere in the home. Especially on tiles as a kitchen splashback or in a bathroom. Allowing you to add contrast or to match your interior of the home.

Tools you need:

  • Fine Tooth Saw or Jigsaw

  • Stanley Knife

  • Tape Measure

  • Solvent-free Adhesive

  • Screws, Pins or Staples

  1. Start by measuring the length of the panels and the area you will be fitting the panels to be sure they will fit correctly. We recommend drawing a floor plan of the area, which allows you to see how many panels you will need. Then to use the tape measure to measure the height and length of your space and to make some simple calculations to guarantee they fit.
  2. Once the walls and panels have been measured, using the saw or jigsaw, start to cut your first panel. Making sure any protective films have been removed beforehand.
  3. Once the panel has been cut to size, using the adhesive, use a generous portion along the wall before placing onto the wall.
  4. Using the screws, pins or staples secure the panel to the wall.
  5. Repeat these steps for the remaining area to cover a full wall, or a smaller area to add

Looking for wall panel ideas?

The wide range of our wall panels can brighten and change the mood of any room in your home. Going through rigorous quality control checks. We have one of the biggest selection of brands, designs, finishes, colours and sizes available online.

From our more modern looking tile effect to stone effect or if you like a bit of sparkle, then we have you covered. You can visit our range using the following link -

We have chosen some of our favourites which would look great to replace outdated tiles in your bathroom or kitchen.

Whitehaven Tile Effect


The White Tile Effect Panels is a new range, a graceful colour, with a contrast grout line. Allowing any bathroom to become modern and contemporary. They would also look great as a main feature within the kitchen or any room, allowing you to have a designer look.

Titanium Stone Grey

Our Titanium Stone Light Grey Wall Panel is new to our range of modern wall panels. With its current design, this grey panel with an aged stone look pattern will give your room an innovative style. These wall panels are ideal for use in the bathroom as a splash screen behind your bathroom sink.

Pergammon Marble


This pergammon beige marble panel is a classic traditional style, recommended to be used within the shower space. Ensuring a refreshing look to a tired looking bathroom or add a classic feel to other rooms in your home.


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