Marble Wall Panels, The Affordable Stylish Bathroom Decor Solution

Marble Wall Panels, The Affordable Stylish Bathroom Decor Solution

  • Adam Wilson

Are you considering putting in marble walls in your home? Or perhaps you are interested in learning more about marble wall panels. If you're looking to give the inside of your home a luxurious upgrade, marble walls are a fantastic option. They are not only sophisticated and fashionable, but also quite simple to install and immediately provide a fresh energy into the living space. You could merely add marble walls in your bathroom, or you could use them as a means to compliment the other features that are already there.

Marble wall panels may be found in many different configurations and dimensions, and the one you choose will depend on the overall aesthetic you are going for. In the following paragraphs, we will go deeper into marble walls in order to provide you with an overview and demonstrate why you should consider installing them in your home.

Why you should consider marble wall panels for your bathroom:

  • Easy installation
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Affordable
  • Hygienic
  • High quality

Grey Marble

One of our most sought-after classic shower wall panels, this grey marble panel is a timeless addition to any bathroom. With the help of these bathroom cladding panels with a marble effect pattern in grey, you can give your space an elegant and traditional appearance. These are sure to bring a breath of fresh air into any bathroom area, and they work especially well in shower room and bath spaces.

Silver/Grey Lava

One of our many contemporary wall panels, this grey lava one is quite modern and sleek. This elegant grey panel with brushed silver effect stone look design can completely transform the appearance of your space, making it appear more open and airy than ever before. These widely used bathroom cladding panels are perfect for installation in shower stalls and other similar spaces.

Beige Marble Tile Effect

In our selection of shower wall panels with traditional designs, the Beige Marble Tile Wall Panel is a top pick due to its timeless appeal. These chic wall panels would be perfect for a bathroom's decor, elevating the room's overall aesthetic. These high-end panels can be used anywhere you need to seal off water, including shower stalls and tub surrounds, adding a touch of elegance to your bathroom.

Dark grey

One of the most favoured and frequently purchased of our shower wall panels, the Grey Marble Wall Panel offers a classical take on the classic marble look. With the help of these bathroom cladding panels with a marble effect pattern in grey, you can give your space an elegant and traditional appearance. These are great for establishing a soothing atmosphere in your bathroom, and they work especially well around showers and tubs.

How to style marble wall panels

Marble bathrooms are a fantastic way to add an air of sophistication to the inside of your home. Marble effect bathroom wall panels are the perfect solution for individuals who are trying to redesign their bathroom on a budget. You can achieve the look no matter what your budget is, and you can do it without breaking the bank.


The decision will be heavily influenced by the size of your bathroom.

If you are interested in cladding a smaller space with just one single marble effect, we would always recommend choosing one of our white marble or light grey marble alternatives. Not only will this make the room appear wider, but it will also increase the quality of the light in the space.

Black marble, on the other hand, is the ideal material for making a spacious bathroom appear much more intimate and enhancing the sense of connection with the space's many fixtures, fittings, and accessories.

What's even better about the marble effect on our panels? Because none of the tones or colours are found on the traditional colour wheel, you have nearly unlimited options when it comes to choosing a complementing finish.

A helpful hint is to highlight lighter bathroom panels by utilising black panel trimmings to create a frame around the edge of each board. This will draw attention to the lighter panels.

A variation in shade

Why limit yourself to just one kind of marble when you can create a genuinely one-of-a-kind look by combining different kinds of bathroom wall panels?

Using feature panels, a space can be made longer or wider by including both light and dark marble.

We recommend that you choose white marble as the base colour of your project, and then choose either a finish made of grey marble or black marble to go with it.


We've already established that a marble-effect floor is a fantastic complement to your marble walls.

You could also choose a simple tile floor and get the same results.

When combined, a lighter floor and darker panels make a room seem taller, while a dark floor and light wall draw attention to the extra room created by white or grey wall panels.


We would suggest that you coordinate your marble tiles with cool colours and neutrals; whites, off-whites, and cool colours like blue, green, and purple will work beautifully. It can be difficult to avoid a disconnected, washed-out look when combining beige or warmer colours with marble. Those with pale grey tiles with blue overtones often choose light blue walls and blue or grey cabinets, while those with marbled beige flooring prefer a bright white scheme with wood cabinets and marble countertops.

Sea salt greens, greys, and stark whites are some of our favourite colour combinations with marble tiles that will truly pull your bathroom together. It is inevitable that this will come down to a matter of individual taste; however, it is important to spend some time determining the underlying tones that your marble tiles exhibit before moving on to the development of your design concepts.

Using gold and brass

One of our favourite design ideas is to use brass and gold fixtures in bathrooms that have marble tiled floors. This is because these vibrant colours will truly stand out against the marble tiles and any cool-toned paintwork that might be used. Marble tiles look richer and more luxurious when paired with brass coloured piping in the shower enclosure, a vanity unit with gold knobs, or wall-mounted gold-rimmed mirrors.


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